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Every day we buy some kind of stuffs that we need or for others. Shopping is done in different ways. Some may wish to go out for buying things and others rely on online shopping.

Have you ever bought anything through the internet or sold something through it?

Then you have said to be participated in electronic commerce.

Electronic commerce is referred to as the process of buying and selling of products and services online through the medium of internet. It started with the invention of Electronic Data Interchange followed by the evolution of ERP.
E-commerce is not merely related to a shopping site, it is really something more than what that makes you involved in every stream of business.

Why e-commerce is more useful than website development?

  1. The software makes the work simpler and only a few employees are needed to operate the daily activities.
  2. The technology makes the results more accurate and prompt
  3. Better performance with faster operations.
  4. With a single interface, multiple tasks can be accomplished

Stop losing sales with an effective e-commerce solution

‘What you give is what you get’, this is a universal phenomenon. So start your research with knowing yourselves. Think about what all stuff you prefer with your shopping experience including the additional services. We should be aware of the catchy statements that make us buy and also the mode of interactions that can make it happen.

Here are some tips to explode your sales with e-commerce


The secret of getting more sales is to acquire more leads since leads can be converted into customers. But, how could it happen?

The changing demand patterns change the environment and structure of lead conversion. Don’t worry. We can help you.

Before narrating the strategies to be used, let us discuss lead.

What is considered to be a lead?

Lead generation in e-commerce is highly based on the audience we have. First of all, we should know about our customers. The query should include the kind or bundle of clients, where to find them and how they can be attracted. The heterogeneity includes age and gender, education and income, challenges and pain points, information sources and much more.

Start target marketing

Google analytics will help you in knowing the significant details regarding your web traffic. That will include:

1. Ways your visitors usually find your website
2. Links connecting different traffic sources
3. Referral sites that bring traffic to your website
4. Visitors from social networks who finds you

Traffic sources generator tends to generate higher revenue, even then, it cannot be the only metric to rely on.

Enabling the e-commerce tracking in google analytics account can make you know about the rate and revenue in connection with your traffic sources. Then focus your every effort to generate a lead that can be converted into customers.

Now let us go through the strategies for lead generation


1. Create a list of Email – Email marketing is an effective and simple way for lead generation. It is free of cost up to a plethora of customers to get connected with. Always keep a constant contact with them to ensure proper lead generation. d generation. It is the easiest way to communicate with the prospective customers.

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2. Make use of lead magnet– A lead magnet can be an assistant in showing how to get more from customers. One which is easy to understand and the best problem solver should be subscribed.

3. Simple but effective tactics – What online shoppers generally expect from us is discounts. More than half the percentage of the audience look for special coupons to buy. Try to attract them with pop up coupons.

4. Offer time-sensitive deals – It will be more appealing if we could make an offer during a festive season or on any other celebrations or special occasions. Make a sense of urgency or fear for losing something which is considered to be a golden chance.

5. Use SEO services to find help – Find out the right search terms and keywords to optimize your site. Make content in a shareable format. Then we may get more reach than expected.

6. Retain your audience – Nurture e-commerce with live chat, campaigns and mobile App conversions. You can make use of anything which will help to retain your existing customers. And also turn your social audience into your clients.

Hope these ideas will help you in succeeding lead generation.

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What is Odoo, Its Uses and Benefits

Odoo is an Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which helps in managing the entire software suite with ease which forms the groundwork of any company. With the help of Open ERP softwares we can view and control all the business necessity of a company like human resources, accounting, sales, finance, inventory, procurement etc.
Main components of the term includes the Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Resource Management, Human Resource Management and Finance Resource Management. Due to growing popularity of this platform, it has become the backbone of any business and there is a huge demand for ODOO development in Thrissur. With thousands of downloads per day, around 4000 Odoo apps are being used all over the world in the present scenario.

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Why Open ERP in Thrissur?

odoo development in thrissur


Advanced Technology:
With abrupt rise in this technology, Odoo is always prefered for its uncomplicated service it provides and it can always adapt to the current market trend.

Cost Effective:
One of the main reason why we use Open ERP is that it lowers the maintenance and running cost of the software. It automates all the process and it tears the twist of the user.

Free Of Cost:
You can always download the software online for free and also Odoo software licenses are free when compared to other ERP platforms. This features allows users to give excessive priority for the software.

Easy to Customize:
It is always easy for the user to customize the subject of the at anytime anywhere at faster rate which leads to the efficiency of the business needs and its time effective too.

Odoo possess a modular structure and works with few uncomplicated modules as working with it lead to an integrated solution. Moreover it can also be changed according to the requirement of the team.

Updated Technology:
You will never miss a single update for this software as it will always kept updated with its latest design, technology and features which fulfils the requirement of the user.

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