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The services of an ERP development company can boost business productivity. Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most sought technologies in almost every field. It is a process used by business entrepreneurs for managing the resources of the company. Odoo ERP enables streamlined management of the entire business processes easily, ODOO ERP increases the productivity and efficiency of any business as it comes integrated with robust business modules and covers all parts of the company business like accounting, warehouse management, customer relationship management, inventory management, manufacturing, trading, and point of sale. What makes ERP software essential is that it can integrate all business processes of a company with a single system. This, in turn, helps in implementing resource planning. Other than that an ERP software system can also integrate different processes. In simple words, an ERP is an all-in-one solution for managing your business complexities. Availing the best Companies Software Development from ATEES helps achieve the perfect solution for business.

ERP Consulting

What you need for implementing a successful ERP system is proper planning. If you plan to get your business automated, then the guidance of an ERP software consultant is the first step you should take.

Your business requirements such as employee management, other services, inventory, technology are considered. This results in devising the right ERP solution. Our experienced professionals use ODOO as a framework to get the best service.

ERP Configuration

Commencement of ERP configuration starts after understanding our business products. From a scalable point of view, it is necessary to ensure smooth as well as flexible operations to adapt to changes as your business grows. and with our ODOO ERP configuration, we can deliver a perfect solution regarding the management of your business. Intricate knowledge in inner functionalities is a must thing. Adding features with business intelligence specific to your organization becomes easy with us.

ERP Module Development

ERP modules are concentrated in one sphere of business. Our ODOO ERP solution comprises more than 35 modules and apps. All these modules help in Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting, to Sales, eCommerce, HR, and more departments which benefits in saving resources, precious time and gives access to one cohesive ERP System.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Integration is necessary for business success. Automation and integration go hand in hand with ERP solutions. Automation cannot be achieved without proper integration of business functions. as ODOO integrates with third-party software, we have a complete software system to manage your entire business from one platform. Our developers help you in integrating business applications with other ERP solutions too.

ERP Maintenance

ERP Maintenance has its importance like installation. Proper and smooth functioning requires regular maintenance.ODOO gets you automate metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling that help you plan preventive maintenance, including mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and expected next failure date. Our expertise review helps your business operations as it is constantly debugged and improved.

ERP Support

Having an ERP system doesn't make your organization complete. Without reliable support, your initiative will not yield the right results. Our developers provide ODOO support services that help you make the most of your ERP software. We will provide product and technical support through phone and mail. we will resolve all the issues regarding the functioning of Odoo.

 ODOO ERP helps manage the entire business from one spot in which makes it interesting, Hence our system brings a standard throughout the organization and increases efficiency by reducing time along with manpower. In short, the advantages Of Odoo ERP make a business more profitable.

Why choose OODO ERP

  •  Extensible architecture
  •  Available with no licensing costs.
  •  Customization
  • Open-source
  •  Comprehensive in nature
  •  Updated technology
  •  Easy to integrate
  •  Highly secured
  •  User Friendly
  •  Flexibility
  • Odoo studio
  •  Responsive

" ATEES Infomedia was responsible for developing and providing reliable ERP software solution for managing the workflow of our firm. Its been 2 months and we have not faced any issues till now. Their team of experts are always ready to support us at any time. Implementing this software made our works easier. We are looking forward to working with ATEES for future projects."

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Enormous scalability

The growth and development of business is a thing that belongs to the future. But scalability of your existing solution ensures progress in the business. The right ERP system accommodates the growing needs of your business.

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We are adept at providing cost-effective ERP software solutions that cater to all types of business needs despite sizes.

Quality services

Quality ERP solutions from our hands ensure efficiency and usability. This results in an undisturbed business environment.


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