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Steps To Develop An Effective IoT Strategy

Internet Of Things (IoT) is a chain of physical devices and other items which constitute electronics, sensors, softwares, actuators and networking that allows them to have a  frequent exchange of data. According to studies, it is stated that there will be nearly 20 billion IoT devices which can generate a revenue of over 300 billion dollars.

<>IT companies in Kerala

<>IT companies in Kerala

<>IT companies in Kerala

<>IT companies in Kerala

IT Companies in Kerala

There are numerous players who are putting their utmost effort in building up a successful strategy but unfortunately fails to achieve them. In today’s scenario, what it hinders from the implementation of this technology is the deficiency of programmers, security experts, data analysts etc. We list out 5 steps to be followed, which at the end carve out a successful IOT strategy.


  • Pinpoint Key Objectives:

Instead of figuring out how the market trend runs, initially, you should be able to identify what are the key objective of the business and the way on how to achieve them. Whether going to start out a new business or trying to maintain the existing one, your aim must be listed out first rather than exploring the news out.


  • Discover Your Position:

Before starting the IoT game, you have to analyze the level at which maximum benefit can be grabbed for your success in the field with the aid of available resources like infrastructure, developers, management personnel, data scientists etc.

At present, there are 3 types of competitors in the current market. First one is Enablers who are the companies responsible for developing the underlying technologies for IOT with the help of tech giants like Google, IBM etc.


Engagers engage in developing, designing, implementing and delivering successful IOT strategy and provide service to others to hope on. Enhancers do not depend on other providers, instead build their own value added services with the help of solutions provided by the engagers.


  • Focus On Outcome:

You must have a clear cut idea about what your outcome should be before commencing the operations. The data delivered from the insights of different results cannot be considered an outcome, instead, customer satisfaction and enhancing revenue are the symptoms of success in IOT.


  • Choose The Right Platform & Provider:

There are a lot of companies providing IoT solutions widely, but among them, a few are capable of being agile to enable alterations in the plan. So choose the platform wisely to prove victorious. IOT solution provider must be chosen in such a way that they should be agile enough and should focus primarily on core areas.  


  • Big Data Management:

Numerous data has to be managed as IoT includes the use of massive amount of data. So the Big Data has to be analyzed, managed and executed to initiate useful insights. Apart from that, they have to be kept protected from the unscrupulous activities of cybercriminals. Appropriate actions have to be taken accordingly to prevent security breaches which may result in compromise of privacy.

Apple With Its New Featured Smartphones Of 2017 – iPhone X, 8 And 8 Plus

Apple Inc. has unveiled its much rumoured Iphone X along with Iphone 8 and 8 Plus in a special event at the spaceship campus in California. Iphone X, also called Iphone Ten represented by roman numeral has marked its 10 year anniversary of the first ever Iphone released with its launch into the market. Notably, Iphone X was more exaggerated during the release but by the side Iphone 8 series focussed on delivering major updates to its predecessor models – Iphone 7 and 7 Plus.

<>iPhone X, 8 And 8 Plus

iPhone X, 8 And 8 Plus

While Iphone X has incorporated new features that enables users to unlock the device using facial features and also send animated emojis called Animojis, 8 series launched a glass and aluminium design, an A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging as its critical updates. Also X is considered to be more cheaper in price compared to the other models that made your eyes pull out. Here we are going to give you a detailed info about the X series followed by the 8 & 8 Plus.



Iphone X



Glass Design:                                      


                                   The new Iphone X has a glass enclosure which was inbuilt in the previous models, Iphone 4 & 4S. However the users has complained that the structure was not durable for them and broke easily when dropped. But Apple specialists are claiming that the glass enclosed in this model is the most durable ever released in the history of Iphone.

all glass

OLED Display:


                                    The Super Retina OLED Display is showcased by X series which has a 5.8 inch diagonally on the screen. This display is far more better when compared to that of LCD display put up in the previous models of Iphone in a way they light up the individual pixels in the screen. This transforms the olden style to a more interactive contrast, faster response and better battery durability.


No Home Button:


                                         An all new difference has been introduced in X. The home button has been replaced by a single swipe from the foot of the screen. The larger display plus the tech savvy ideas included in iOS 11 has made a step ahead for this model.

no home buitton

True Depth Camera:


                                              The True Depth Camera feature allows the users to unlock the device using a facial recognition technique known as Face ID, which is the biggest update claimed by Apple to this model. Moreover, this will enable the users to unlock the phone even when it is completely dark around with the help of in depth scanning technology featured in the phone. Animojis, an animated emojis can be send by recognising the expressions on the face.


Wireless Charging:

                                            Wireless charging facility is featured in the glass panel of the device which helps an entry of power into the phone without direct connection with the plug. It can also be charged from Belkin & Mophie too. An Air Powered charging pad is also introduced to charge up quickly.

wireless charging iphn x

Water Resistant:

                                        The new X series is moulded out of a complete water resistant material which can resist the incoming of the fluid for 30 minutes. IP67 is the rating standard used to measure this feature and the term means it will survive the sink for a specific period of time.  





                          There existed many rumours that the device will be introduced in various shades including bluish gold’ colour. However only 8 series is reported to have brought up this tint. Iphone X will be available only in space grey or silver shades, according to reports.



                                     Iphone X is powered with A11 Bionic chip having 6 cores is claimed to be the most powerful one to be ever incorporate in a smartphone. According to Apple, this chipset will run the next version of operating system, the iOS 11. It features a Siri Assistant, a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature and an intrusive new model of the app store.

Release Date & Price:


                                                The upcoming Iphone users have to wait a bit longer to get the X model and said that it won’t be made available to order online till October 27.  Report says that it will be shipped only on November 3. The model comes with a steep price which starts at $999 for 64 GB variant and soars up for 256 GB variant.



Iphone 8 And 8 Plus



Glass Design:


                                   Both 8 and 8S has a glass enclosed models and as in Iphone X, it is claimed to be a break free material and promises extra durability in the exteriors. Also the devices are said to be water and dust resistant through the case.

True Tone Display:


                                           8 and 8S features the same size screen similar to the 7 and 7 Plus, its predecessors. The former device gives a 4.7 inch display while the latter has a larger viewing area with 5.5 inches. True Tone display released by Apple claims that it will give the best accuracy for the lightning conditions in the surrounding.


Home Button:

                                   While the X series has cleared out this button from its phone, the 8 series has introduced a virtual home button similar to last years entry phones. Here you can use the Touch ID feature to unlock the device and utilise Apple Pay to verify your identity.


                            8 series features the same rear camera characteristic of its predecessors. Iphone 8 has a 12 megapixel camera which supports faster sensors giving better autofocus in low lighting conditions and has 4K recording capacity. Whereas 8 Plus has dual 8 MP camera which has given birth to Portrait Lightning Mode enabling you to snap out portrait pics in HD quality.



                              In the previous years models 7 and 7 Plus, run by A10 processor is replaced to power up by an all new A11 Bionic chip which consists of 6 cores is considered to be more faster than ever before, according to Apple.

Wireless Charging:

                                            As in Iphone X, both 8 and 8Plus too has a wireless charging technology inbuilt in the device and can also be charged from Belkin & Mophie. Also Apple has furnished out a Air Power charging pad which can simultaneously power up 3 devices – iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

wireless charging iphone 8

Water Resistant:

                                       Iphone 8 series too has the same features as in X series models in terms of water resistivity too. The standard IP67 is used here too manifesting it to stay underwater for up to 30 minutes, for 1metre of depth. However the users are advised not to take it while swimming.



New Gold Colour:


                                          Many rumours have run around the globe saying the Iphone 8 series would be tinted with bluish gold but surprisingly  brought up the new gold color with pink shade amalgamated with it. Apple has confirmed that silver, space grey and rose gold colours will be hitting the market.

Augmented Reality:

                                             Augmented reality powered dual cameras on Iphone 8 Plus is a Tested OK feature for the same. Motion tracking is precise with the help of an all new gyroscopes and accelerometers fitted into the camera. iOS developers has can advantageously make use of the dual True Depth cameras to create apps and games mixed with graphics to provide a real world experience for the users.

ipjne 8

Release Date & Price:

                                                 Iphone 8 and 8 Plus can be ordered online from September 15 onwards and Apple has reported to send it for shipping on 22nd of the same month. The prices for the two variants is reportedly known to be $699 and $799 respectively as the starting rate.

iOS 10.3 – 10.3.2 Update Has Got Something Surprising For You !

iPhones are one of the those trending technology that rules the market worldwide nowadays. iPhones runs with iOS mobile operating system, designed and developed by Apple Inc. The tech giants have rolled out various updates for their users, but this time the company has come out with a nasty update with many surprising features.

<>ios development in thrissur, kerala, india

iOS Development in Thrissur, Kerala, India

iOS 10.3 is the one released recently by Apple which is surprisingly the last roll out in iOS 10. Notably, the features appended along with the update enables your iPhone/iPad to be smarter and faster than ever before. This time you can find some changes in user interface along with some features that were in the queue list for a long time.

Apple File System (APFS):

Apple File System, abbreviated as APFS is a new file system which was developed and deployed by Apple with an intention to resolve the issues of HFS (Hierarchical File System) in Mac OS. A better performance with considerable storage area of upto 5gb can be gained using APFS. Many users have been complaining about degradation in performance for the last few updates, luckily iOS 10.3 is expected to give a smoother run on the device.



AirPod is a wireless earbud developed by Apple to hear any media enhancement while connected with bluetooth. Well a new feature has been added to “Find My iPhone” app which enables high pitched sound with increasing frequency in Airpod on a single tap of a button in the app. But initially you have to ensure your iPhone is connected to the the device through bluetooth. Also it helps you to know the last location from where the device was connected to the phone.




Want to know the last cricket match score ? Ask Siri, which you can think as a cricket updates search technology and gives you the latest cricket match updates within seconds of a search. Scores for the world cup series as well as champions trophy details can be retrieved using this technology. Another surprising feature is that it can help schedule Uber trips and payment of bills hours before the start.


App Store Views & Icons:

Finally the developers will be able to reply to the reviews put by the user in the app store. These replies will be visible to everyone and if you find it helpful, the rate can be rated by with the help of a 3D touch. In appstore and Itunes the users can now disable in-app purchases and rating popups. Also the developers can change the app icon with the prior permission of the user, without applying for any update.

atees mobile app development


UI Changes:

Eventhough there has been not that much alterations brought to the user interfaces with this update, small changes has applied some amazing techniques on the screen. Edges can be seen getting rounded when an app is closed, which suits the display well. When entering a passcode, the empty state of code will be shown in circles instead of dashes. In the mail app, up & down arrows are introduced to navigate to the previous and next mail respectively.


Profile Section & Settings Page:

When you open the “Settings” page, it will be in a new style with a new profile section. A profile icon and name will be displayed on the top, tapping on which it shows all the details regarding your iPhone such as Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and appstore details. Also, any important notifications/ updates related to the account can be viewed below. iCloud has introduced a new bar at the top which helps to understand how much space has been taken up in the storage area and the devices connected to the iCloud account.


Map App:

In the map, you can see the flat earth view, and on repeated zooming shows the satellite and a 3D globe view. Small icons showing weather and current temperature can be seen at the bottom right corner of the screen when you search for a city. In the weather app, a 3D touch can be made to view the hourly forecast and detailed weather forecast on tapping again. However this feature will only be available in iPhone 6S or above versions.

atees mobile app development


Theatre Mode:

For those using Apple watch, there is a happy news you were waiting for. This watch get released along with 10.3 update and surprisingly it has got a theatre mode. Simple action like raising the wrist will enable this mode which puts the watch into silent mode and disables the wake screen feature. This stops the device from automatically switch on the screen but still you can get the notifications.



CarPlay is a Apple product, which allows the user to view in a radio or head unit and also helps to control the apps in iPhone. In the new release, it makes switching between apps much easier to do by displaying the 3 most recent apps in a left sidebar always, instead of navigating to homepage each time to select the application. Also, it list charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and an option in the “About” section, which shows the current software version.



Podcasts Widget:

Podcasts is an audio file made available in the internet in an sequence, which can be downloaded to a device. Now this app has its own widget where you can view the different artworks of the podcast, 4 in compact mode and 8 in expanded mode. However there is no control over the playback like in a music player, The only functionality is that podcast playback can be started with a tap of a finger.

All About The New Android O Update

The current generation is well familiar about the world’s most popular operating system – The Android. It is a mobile OS which is grounded on linux kernel and mainly designed for the smartphones.The tech giant “Google” is the pioneer behind the introduction of this technology to the public.

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Google usually comes up with new updates each year, aiming at bringing new features and security steps to ensure secure usability by the end user’s. The upgrades can be downloaded either from the Playstore or from the Android Package Kit (APKs), which is a special file format through which new applications and middleware are installed.

The last update of the previous version was the Nougat 7.1 which was released in August 2016, where you may not have seen much changes carved into it. Google has currently rolled out the developer preview of the next version of operating system in March 2017 – Android O. Initially it is only accessible to Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C and Pixel XS smartphones.

atees infomedia android app development

The developers have not finalized which dessert name they would give to the new member.However they have come up with 3 titles namely: Oreo, Orange and Oatcake and are also seeking polls from the public to choose the most prefered name. Android O has planned to bring many new alteration for a smoother experience to the user in the mobile. They are chiefly working on improving the battery life, notification display and enhancing user interface. Following are the new features expected in the os.


Background Limits:

This feature gives room for betterment of battery life and extending the charge holding capacity of the phone. So it has imposed some restrictions for the applications to run in the background, which is one of the main reason why battery is draining rapidly. Some other automatic limits of what an app should do behind the user’s view is also included like Implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. User’s don’t have to manage anything manually in this new version.

Notification Channels:

The new mode of receiving notifications will be a new experience for the user. With Android O, sorting is made easy and can be done by the user itself depending on the type. Even though the messages are managed by their respective apps, a person has also the complete control over how it should arrive and display on the screen. This is the first time in the history, android is bringing a multimode management of notifications from different channels to the users.

Autofill Framework:

Many of us have wished for the informations to be provided in the columns like login id, password and other details while processing a banking transactions is made automatic. Now your dream is coming to a reality. Autofill will be introduced in the new platform where security of the statistics is also taken care of in a much improved manner and repetitive data is filled automatically by the system. Now the user don’t have to rely on the accessibility settings to control the working of the app.

Picture in Picture Mode:

Abbreviated as PIP, picture in picture for handsets are introduced in this version where the user can multitask with their device in the same time. For example, a person can switch to a chat in the background while watching a video simultaneously without pausing it. This feature was formerly available only on Android TV but now it has made way to the smartphones too. Handling screen overlays or launching an app without any annoying alerts reduces headache of the user.

Adaptive Icons:

In this version of android, icons of apps on the wallpaper is designed in a way that attracts the attention of the person. These are made adaptive in display to the viewers in different shapes on a mask selected by the system are combined to bring beauty to the user interface. Google has also brought some animation effects which increases interaction with the picture in the launcher, shortcuts, widgets and settings in the device.


Android O changes the way one or more devices communicate with each other. High standard bluetooth audio can be experienced while playing your favourite songs using bluetooth. Wifi alerts have been enabled which allows the user to connect with the wifi of another device without an access point. New APIs can now
control over the third party calling apps directly and display the call information in them, so the normal phone dialer is not necessary for voice or video chats.

Keyboard Navigations:

Everyone will wish for a good experience while making use of the keyboards available in their smartphones. This update put forward an all new functions like reliability and predictability on the board so that the next suggested word would come automatically, reducing the strain. Mainly focussing on betterment of arrow and tab key navigation in all the applications as it decreases the frequent complaints from the end user and is easier for developers to work on.


With the webview becoming more and more user intended, XML (Extensible Markup Language) layouts can be used to display fonts. Font styles can be chosen from the list of its families and better stability can security can be achieved by this. Web having a multi purpose is what google is targeting to achieve in Android O. Developers are also working on bringing safe browsing and incognito mode for remote pages.

One Earth, One Community- Connecting everyone through technology

2016 was a year that saw technology on steroids, permeating every nook and corner of our lives. We are enslaved to technology today, because there are so many options to make our lives easier and enriching using gadgets that come for all kinds of purposes.

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While using technology to automate daily chores has its pros and cons, it has become an indispensable evil in our lives. A judicial use of technology, along with creating the time and space every day for unwinding in a tech-free environment, gives us some sort of a balance in life. Without this balance, technology can be a double-edged sword.

Nearly half of the world population is connected to the internet today. Half of these internet users are connected via social media. That is the extent to which internet has encompassed the world population and brought people just a screen away from one another.


Some of the important technology trends the passing year has seen:

1. We are social : Not only individuals but corporate organisations have also joined popular social media sites in a big way,in order to add a more intimate layer to their companies’ persona. With nearly ¼ th of the world population, mostly urban dwellers, plugged into the social network, these social media spots are the most happening places in the virtual world.

2. We are mobile. The mobile has fast replaced a host of gadgets like alarms, calculators, ipods, laptops, TV, GPS systems, etc, and is increasingly becoming the one-stop solution for all our daily tech requirements with each new model rolled out having newer and user-friendly features. One feels literally lost without one’s phone. Apart from saving you from getting lost in a new place, giving you daily reminders that help you organise your schedule, waking you up every morning, serving as a mobile storage for all your work, music etc and your interface for staying connected to facebook, twitter etc, the mobile has also evolved to be an integral part of any business model. Most banking and other security-enabled services are integrated with your mobile to provide maximum security for transactions. Latest apps have highly functional apps for almost every business need, and are designed to make customers’ lives easier.

3. We are on the Cloud: Cloud computing has become the new buzzword. More and more businesses are using the cloud for storing and running applications. Instead of buying storage space to keep our files, music and applications, everything can be stored on the cloud and one pays for the space one uses, thus saving a lot of money. Working on the cloud allows your company to be efficient and cost-effective.

4. We are robot-assisted: Artificial intelligence is touching our lives like never before. Devices that respond to our voice, touch, mood etc are already available. Driverless cars, automated home appliances that respond to voice commands, etc are already underway. Robots are replacing human workers in industries. Ethical considerations apart, AI is sure to be a leading factor changing the shape of the world in 2017.

We are living in a tech-driven world where there are dedicated gadgets to make our lives easier. 2017 will see a definite movement in the direction of more people joining the online community, a major shift in the online global market through advances in digital marketing technologies, and a total change in which companies do business and people make daily choices. Everything will be technology-driven with smarter homes, smarter cars and smarter workspace.

To conclude, 2017 is going to be a year fueled by a burst of new technologies that bring all of us together as one community, connected over the internet 24/7.

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Awesome Tech gifts for Christmas

Christmas bells are ringing round the corner, and it’s time for some gift shopping for our near and dear ones. How about some high-tech gifts to surprise your family and friends? Here are some of the popular cool gadgets in demand today, which we have picked out for you.

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Best gift for the fitness freak

Fitbit watches: These stylish, easy to use bands monitors your walking activity, calculates calories burnt and helps you set goals and monitor your progress. Some designs for more active people also come with GPS tracking, display for call/text notifications and music play.

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Best gift for the music lover

Bose wireless headphones: These come with Bluetooth and world-class noise cancellation features, giving you the clearest, pure sounds imaginable. Quickly charging and giving you as high as 20 hours of music, these gadgets make sure nothing comes between you and your music.
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Best gift for gamers

Xbox console: The latest X-box models feature a radically slimmed down design and ability to play 4K Blue ray, 4K video streaming and HDR. Lets you play your favorite videos with stunning clarity and in rich colours.

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Best gift for the photographer

GorillaPod: These sleek, versatile tripods are amazingly lightweight yet sturdy, and you can set it up very easily to achieve a steady shot using any camera. Its legs can be bent to grab on to any uneven surface, giving you ultimate freedom to set your camera anywhere.

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Best gift for the traveler

Tracking tags: You can attach these thin Bluetooth-enabled tags to your wallet, keys, suitcase, bags and anything you fear losing during your travel. If one of the tagged items gets out of range, your phone will immediately detect its absence and sound an alarm.

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Best gift for the cordcutter

Chromecast: This device plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and lets you stream your favorite shows, movies and music from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play etc. You can access the video content by using your smart phone/laptop as a remote.

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Best gift for kids

Ubooly: What greater friend to give a child than his/her own pet. But some children may suffer from allergies and cannot get close to real pets, so the just-as-friendly alternative is Ubooly. You child can converse with it, play games, and this toy even tells jokes and bedtime stories.

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Tech gadget gifts are the latest fad, and almost everyone is hooked to one gadget or the other so these gifts are certainly worth buying. Spread cheer and joy this Christmas with these cool gadgets to gift your loved ones.


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