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Building a Strong Brand Identity Online
As the online landscape evolves, businesses must adapt to maintain a consistent and compelling brand presence across various channels. Voice search technology, for instance, has emerged as a significant game-changer, altering user behavior and search engine algorithms alike. Ensuring that your brand’s messaging and values are effectively conveyed through voice search queries is crucial for reinforcing brand identity in this rapidly evolving digital environment. Companies need to optimize their content to align with conversational queries while staying true to their brand’s tone and values, thereby solidifying their brand identity in the minds of consumers.   Moreover, the proliferation of social media platforms has opened up new avenues for brand expression and engagement. However, this abundance of channels also presents a challenge: maintaining brand consistency across diverse platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or emerging platforms like TikTok, each channel offers unique opportunities to connect with audiences. Crafting content that resonates with users while staying faithful to the brand’s identity requires a strategic approach. By tailoring content formats and messaging to suit each platform while maintaining a cohesive brand narrative, businesses can effectively leverage social media to strengthen their brand identity and foster meaningful connections with their target audience. Branding Agency in Thrissur  

Storytelling for Brand Building

  In the digital age, brand building has transcended mere product promotion; it’s about crafting narratives that resonate with audiences on a personal level. Storytelling, in particular, has emerged as a powerful tool for brand building in the digital sphere. Through compelling narratives that evoke emotion and empathy, brands can forge deeper connections with their target demographics, fostering loyalty and advocacy. Whether it’s through blog posts, social media content, or multimedia campaigns, storytelling serves as a vehicle for conveying a brand’s values, mission, and personality, thereby solidifying its identity in the hearts and minds of consumers.   At the heart of successful brand building lies the concept of brand identity—the cohesive set of visual, verbal, and experiential elements that define a brand’s essence and differentiate it from competitors. In this digital era, maintaining a strong brand identity is essential for standing out amidst the noise and clutter of online platforms. Consistency is key, from the logo and color palette to the messaging and user experience. By ensuring that every touchpoint reflects the brand’s personality and values, digital marketers can reinforce brand identity and instill trust and recognition in their audience. However, brand identity isn’t static; it evolves in response to market trends, consumer preferences, and cultural shifts. Digital marketers must be attuned to these changes and adapt their strategies accordingly to keep their brands relevant and resonant. This might involve refreshing visual branding elements, updating messaging to align with shifting consumer sentiments or embracing new technologies and platforms to reach audiences where they are most active. By staying agile and responsive, brands can continue to nurture and strengthen their identity in the ever-evolving digital landscape.   In addition to storytelling and maintaining consistency, actively engaging with the audience plays a pivotal role in brand building and reinforcing brand identity online. Interacting with customers through social media comments, responding to inquiries promptly, and soliciting feedback not only fosters a sense of community but also humanizes the brand. By demonstrating authenticity and transparency in these interactions, brands can further solidify their identity as trustworthy and customer-centric, fostering long-term loyalty and advocacy among their audience.  

User-Generated Content and Community Building

  User-generated content (UGC) has become a cornerstone of brand-building strategies in the digital landscape, offering a powerful means of engaging with audiences while enhancing brand image. By encouraging customers to share their experiences, opinions, and creative interpretations of the brand, companies can tap into the authentic voices of their audience, fostering a sense of community and belonging. UGC not only provides social proof of the brand’s value and credibility but also serves as a valuable source of insights for refining brand messaging and offerings. Through strategic curation and amplification of user-generated content across digital channels, brands can enrich their brand identity and cultivate a positive brand image that resonates with their target demographic.   Effective community building is essential for leveraging user-generated content and nurturing brand identity online. Brands can create dedicated spaces for their community to connect, share, and collaborate, such as branded hashtags, online forums, or user communities on social media platforms. By fostering meaningful interactions and facilitating user-generated content creation within these communities, brands can strengthen their brand identity while empowering their audience to become brand advocates. Additionally, actively engaging with user-generated content through likes, comments, and shares not only acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of the community but also encourages ongoing participation, further enhancing brand image and affinity in the digital realm.   Working with a seasoned expert can help you navigate the complex world of digital marketing and uncover success. ATEES Global is a shining example of expertise, providing a wide range of services designed to improve brand development initiatives. ATEES Global offers an array of knowledge and creative solutions, along with a strong grasp of market dynamics and an unshakable dedication to customer success. With the help of ATEES Global, brands can create memorable campaigns and leverage the power of user-generated content to establish a powerful online presence. ATEES Global helps organizations establish their identity and prosper in the dynamic digital market by utilizing innovative techniques and cultivating deep connections with audiences.
iOS 10.3 – 10.3.2 Update Has Got Something Surprising For You !

iPhones are one of the those trending technology that rules the market worldwide nowadays. iPhones runs with iOS mobile operating system, designed and developed by Apple Inc. The tech giants have rolled out various updates for their users, but this time the company has come out with a nasty update with many surprising features.

<>ios development in thrissur, kerala, india

iOS Development in Thrissur, Kerala, India

iOS 10.3 is the one released recently by Apple which is surprisingly the last roll out in iOS 10. Notably, the features appended along with the update enables your iPhone/iPad to be smarter and faster than ever before. This time you can find some changes in user interface along with some features that were in the queue list for a long time.

Apple File System (APFS):

Apple File System, abbreviated as APFS is a new file system which was developed and deployed by Apple with an intention to resolve the issues of HFS (Hierarchical File System) in Mac OS. A better performance with considerable storage area of upto 5gb can be gained using APFS. Many users have been complaining about degradation in performance for the last few updates, luckily iOS 10.3 is expected to give a smoother run on the device.



AirPod is a wireless earbud developed by Apple to hear any media enhancement while connected with bluetooth. Well a new feature has been added to “Find My iPhone” app which enables high pitched sound with increasing frequency in Airpod on a single tap of a button in the app. But initially you have to ensure your iPhone is connected to the the device through bluetooth. Also it helps you to know the last location from where the device was connected to the phone.




Want to know the last cricket match score ? Ask Siri, which you can think as a cricket updates search technology and gives you the latest cricket match updates within seconds of a search. Scores for the world cup series as well as champions trophy details can be retrieved using this technology. Another surprising feature is that it can help schedule Uber trips and payment of bills hours before the start.


App Store Views & Icons:

Finally the developers will be able to reply to the reviews put by the user in the app store. These replies will be visible to everyone and if you find it helpful, the rate can be rated by with the help of a 3D touch. In appstore and Itunes the users can now disable in-app purchases and rating popups. Also the developers can change the app icon with the prior permission of the user, without applying for any update.

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UI Changes:

Eventhough there has been not that much alterations brought to the user interfaces with this update, small changes has applied some amazing techniques on the screen. Edges can be seen getting rounded when an app is closed, which suits the display well. When entering a passcode, the empty state of code will be shown in circles instead of dashes. In the mail app, up & down arrows are introduced to navigate to the previous and next mail respectively.


Profile Section & Settings Page:

When you open the “Settings” page, it will be in a new style with a new profile section. A profile icon and name will be displayed on the top, tapping on which it shows all the details regarding your iPhone such as Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and appstore details. Also, any important notifications/ updates related to the account can be viewed below. iCloud has introduced a new bar at the top which helps to understand how much space has been taken up in the storage area and the devices connected to the iCloud account.


Map App:

In the map, you can see the flat earth view, and on repeated zooming shows the satellite and a 3D globe view. Small icons showing weather and current temperature can be seen at the bottom right corner of the screen when you search for a city. In the weather app, a 3D touch can be made to view the hourly forecast and detailed weather forecast on tapping again. However this feature will only be available in iPhone 6S or above versions.

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Theatre Mode:

For those using Apple watch, there is a happy news you were waiting for. This watch get released along with 10.3 update and surprisingly it has got a theatre mode. Simple action like raising the wrist will enable this mode which puts the watch into silent mode and disables the wake screen feature. This stops the device from automatically switch on the screen but still you can get the notifications.



CarPlay is a Apple product, which allows the user to view in a radio or head unit and also helps to control the apps in iPhone. In the new release, it makes switching between apps much easier to do by displaying the 3 most recent apps in a left sidebar always, instead of navigating to homepage each time to select the application. Also, it list charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and an option in the “About” section, which shows the current software version.



Podcasts Widget:

Podcasts is an audio file made available in the internet in an sequence, which can be downloaded to a device. Now this app has its own widget where you can view the different artworks of the podcast, 4 in compact mode and 8 in expanded mode. However there is no control over the playback like in a music player, The only functionality is that podcast playback can be started with a tap of a finger.

iOS development in thrissur
iOS Development

iOS mobile apps are remarkable for their look and feel, speed and ease of use. A large percentage of elite global customers are iOS users, and compared to Android users, iOS users are likely to spend more on in-app purchases according to a recent study. Thus iOS mobile app development is an exciting field, with limitless opportunities to grab the customers’ attention in the highly competitive mobile marketing space.

<>iOS development in thrissur

iOS development in thrissur

ATEES Infomedia Pvt. Ltd delivers secure and next-gen iOS development in Thrissur for start ups, SMEs and enterprises worldwide. We understand our clients’ specific business requirements to deliver powerful, ROI-focused solutions. We create apps with perfect look and feel, clean code and target audience specific design. Our team constantly researches and evaluates latest app features of Apple to deliver robust, scalable apps which deliver results.

Our goal is to replace traditional business process with app-driven solutions that rapidly convert leads to business. With several years of expertise in the domain of app development, we pride ourselves in building cutting-edge, business-oriented apps delivered well within stipulated limits of time and budget.

We employ Apple’s best practices and constantly innovate. Our expert team of iOS developers is proficient in C, Objective C and Swift native development technologies and delivers robust apps with clean code that get approved on App store in one go. We also offer support services for the apps we make, by constantly updating them with the latest iOS features and ensuring compatibility with newer phones’ hardware.
If you are planning to build an application that renders to your valued customers, use our result-oriented services with a proven track record. Get your business a virtual name card with the exceptional iOS applications built by our experts at ATEES.


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