One Earth, One Community- Connecting everyone through technology

2016 was a year that saw technology on steroids, permeating every nook and corner of our lives. We are enslaved to technology today, because there are so many options to make our lives easier and enriching using gadgets that come for all kinds of purposes.

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While using technology to automate daily chores has its pros and cons, it has become an indispensable evil in our lives. A judicial use of technology, along with creating the time and space every day for unwinding in a tech-free environment, gives us some sort of a balance in life. Without this balance, technology can be a double-edged sword.

Nearly half of the world population is connected to the internet today. Half of these internet users are connected via social media. That is the extent to which internet has encompassed the world population and brought people just a screen away from one another.


Some of the important technology trends the passing year has seen:

1. We are social : Not only individuals but corporate organisations have also joined popular social media sites in a big way,in order to add a more intimate layer to their companies’ persona. With nearly ¼ th of the world population, mostly urban dwellers, plugged into the social network, these social media spots are the most happening places in the virtual world.

2. We are mobile. The mobile has fast replaced a host of gadgets like alarms, calculators, ipods, laptops, TV, GPS systems, etc, and is increasingly becoming the one-stop solution for all our daily tech requirements with each new model rolled out having newer and user-friendly features. One feels literally lost without one’s phone. Apart from saving you from getting lost in a new place, giving you daily reminders that help you organise your schedule, waking you up every morning, serving as a mobile storage for all your work, music etc and your interface for staying connected to facebook, twitter etc, the mobile has also evolved to be an integral part of any business model. Most banking and other security-enabled services are integrated with your mobile to provide maximum security for transactions. Latest apps have highly functional apps for almost every business need, and are designed to make customers’ lives easier.

3. We are on the Cloud: Cloud computing has become the new buzzword. More and more businesses are using the cloud for storing and running applications. Instead of buying storage space to keep our files, music and applications, everything can be stored on the cloud and one pays for the space one uses, thus saving a lot of money. Working on the cloud allows your company to be efficient and cost-effective.

4. We are robot-assisted: Artificial intelligence is touching our lives like never before. Devices that respond to our voice, touch, mood etc are already available. Driverless cars, automated home appliances that respond to voice commands, etc are already underway. Robots are replacing human workers in industries. Ethical considerations apart, AI is sure to be a leading factor changing the shape of the world in 2017.

We are living in a tech-driven world where there are dedicated gadgets to make our lives easier. 2017 will see a definite movement in the direction of more people joining the online community, a major shift in the online global market through advances in digital marketing technologies, and a total change in which companies do business and people make daily choices. Everything will be technology-driven with smarter homes, smarter cars and smarter workspace.

To conclude, 2017 is going to be a year fueled by a burst of new technologies that bring all of us together as one community, connected over the internet 24/7.


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