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Despite our age, we all would admit that the digital transformation has influenced all of us to an extent as people are likely to spend their free time on the internet rather than on television. Any advertisement is worthless if people are not viewing it. Considering this google has launched a service called google ads where we can advertise our products and company on a pay per click terms and conditions.

As every business is profit-oriented it is quite natural that we think twice before investing in any sector. But if you are looking to increase the visibility of your brand and products then you don’t need to hesitate to try google advertisement. Let’s go through some of the benefits of using google ads
google advertisement


The word google has been glued to our brain as that is the first place where we depend for information. Statics showing 5 billion searches made every day increase its authenticity. Now you know how much will be the reach of your company and product if you are utilizing google ads. In a busy world if people are getting the information required through your ads themselves then why should they leave you


Along with the wide range of visibility of the advertisement, google ads will help you to understand and keep in touch with the relevant customers. A user who searches for specific keywords will be displayed the relative ad and the post-click landing page of that advertisement will allow you to collect the information about the customer through sign-up and email id. You can use this to send informative content to the users to be in touch with them and if they are not willing to share their details, we can use retargeting software to revert back to them.


Advertisement is not just displaying your services to someone. It should take into account the mindset and satisfaction of the viewers. The majority of us spent some time on social media for relaxation and fun. What will you feel if you are forced to watch an advertisement at that time? Will be irritated right. So, when and where are important aspects to be considered and if not, it could give a negative result. Studies show that more than social media advertisement, the google ads that appear after searching for a keyword is more efficient as the customer has already taken the first step to purchase.


You have passed through a lot of barriers to run an advertising campaign and it will take a lot of productive time and resources at the beginning and ending of campaigns. On the other hand, buying an added space with software is comparatively easy and a single employee can do it. With some training given he can reach the right customers at right time and can stop the campaign whenever required.


As mentioned earlier, google ads is not a free service and it works on the basis of pay per click method. What if it cost you a lot? Don’t worry, Google has allowed its users to set their preferences which include the bidding price on a daily basis. Some top companies in India have set their minimum monthly budget as 70000 Rs which may not be affordable to everyone. So, it’s important to restrict your investment and understand whether your advertisement is getting a reach or not.


We cannot correct the mistake unless you figure it out. Maybe your advertisement is reaching a lot of people but if they are not understanding. Are they going to read it again or will they shift to another site? So, it is important to know the satisfaction of the customer by analyzing where they landed after clicking the ad, how much time they spent on the website, and how they rate you


Good content with catching keywords is the best way to top the SEO ranking. It will a dream for a lot of companies to be there. Some of them may be having all the flavors to reach on top but still failing to get the traffic. In that scenario, you should not hesitate to depend on the Google advertisements as once you start running that all the organic results won’t appear until below the fold.


Sometimes surfing in google to get information through ads is like driving through busy traffic. It seems to be very disturbing watching those but what is happening is that the more you watch the ads, the more than brand name gets glued to your mind. This is called brand awareness. Through ads even though potential customers are not visiting, every time they watch your advertisement, they start remembering your brand and they will revert to you once they are ready to purchase.


When Google decides which ad is seen according to the browsing prospects it will consider the post-click page experience. If you want a visitor to spend more time on your post-click landing page, it should deliver what your ad is promising, or else he will leave the site. So, for converting a casual visitor to a potential customer ads should be precise.


The economic stability of each company varies due to different aspects. In order to restrict yourself from losing a lot of money in ads, there are various plans and strategies offered by google

  • CPC – In this type of bidding we have to give money wherever a person clicks on your advertisement
  • CPM- This stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions where you can bid on how much money you are willing to pay for thousand full views of your advertisement. This is helpful to increase brand awareness a lot
  • CPA- Cost Per Action, as the name indicates you have to pay for action like signing up or purchasing

Running google advertisement is a way of bringing reputation and increasing the visibility of your company which can skyrocket your business. Atees Infomedia Pvt Ltd is one of the top agencies in India that can get this task done for you. Please allow us to guide you. Get to us on 7907938810 or email us at atees@info.in



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