Job Portal Development Thrissur

Online Job Portal Development solutions offer a seamless way for employers to connect with job seekers and vice versa. Due to the popularity of these solutions, they offer a huge opportunity for people to start one for business. We provide an all in one job portal solution that not only helps job seekers find jobs but it also increases business presence and success.

Being a well-known software solution provider, ATEES Job portal is the best online business solution that offers several perks and business benefits in the long run. Our solution consists of a responsive website and mobile-friendly application that assure maximum reach and ease of use. Also, the solution gives you complete control over the entire operations that include boosting profiles, monetary transactions and more. Employers can conduct an aptitude test as well as an online job fair easily through this solution.

Secure recognition among customers by providing relevant features answering their concerns

We provide tailormade online jobs app, a solution that caters all needs of employees and employers. Responsive website and mobile-friendly application assure customer reach and easy use as we provide websites for employers and employees. ATEES, an online job portal for sale delivers ultimate control over the entire operations including boosting profiles, monetary transactions. The availability of application on multiple platforms ensures accessibility. Conducting an aptitude test as well as online job fair is easy with our customized solution. Attract customers to your website using refer and earn, free aptitude test platform and increase your brand identity.

ATEES job portal brings many benefits for you. Our outstanding features make your venture more visible and reachable to end-users.

  • Responsive website for employees & employers
  • Premium features for more customer acquisition
  • Promote usability with superlative aptitude test
  • Customized recruitment test for employers
  • Seduce employers with job matching technology
  • More web traffic with job posting and schedule interviews
  • Control all activities of employers & job seekers
  • Assured job interviews for job seekers

Secure add on benefits for your money by hiring our expert knowledge. Job portal for sale preoccupies your business requirements, so you can buy it without worries.

  • Advanced filtering
  • Low investment
  • Hefty profit
  • Database of skilled candidates
  • Tailormade search options for better reach
  • Increased online visibility

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

Get unheard-of benefits by running an online job portal. Each benefit contributes to business success. The major benefits will be:

More customer reach

Get more and more customers providing immense details within a click of time. Enhance your website traffic and get actual customers.

Social media optimization

Higher reach and customer engagement can be obtained with social media optimized platforms.

Building customer relationship

Building and retaining customers is easy with a well defined & interactive website

Ease of targeting

Easy targeting of customers makes your business a flourishing one.

Improved ROI

Enhance your Return on investment by retaining customers.

SEO & user-friendliness

User interface designs and SEO friendly websites increase overall usability and web traffic.

Filtered database

Getting employees and employers database ina filtered manner saves time also help in future

High traffic

Witness high traffic on your website with beneficial features like job posting and interviews


Powerful Marketing Tools

  • Conducting a superlative aptitude test for job seekers is possible with a readymade database of questions.
  • Provide job fair using mobile applications and increase your profit margin.
  • The referring option also lets you get more customers leading into conversions.
  • Personalize recruitment providing tailormade tools for employers.

Android and iOS apps

  • Provide a powerful mobile app experience using mobile apps.
  • Automated payment transaction ensures transparency.
  • User-friendliness of the website engages visitors leading to sales.
  • Immense information & features make job seeker application more appealing.
  • Engage user with great user interface design in the mobile application.
  • Access applications from play store or app store.

Well defined Marketing Strategies with captivating content


Powerful websites along with great layout and designs


SEO friendly website with more traffic & better leads


ATEES has been the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala since 2012. Our efficient services has benefited well-known companies all over the world. We are primarily focussed on providing technologies for Micro, Small & Large businesses.