Medicine Delivery Application

Choosing the best medicine delivery app is important to establish a successful pharmacy business. Not only it helps customers get their medicines faster but it also helps increase your business recognition and profits. However, with several similar solutions available, choosing the right one can be a tough choice. Being a well-known software solution provider, ATEES has the right solution for that. Our E-pharma portal, a revolutionary medicine delivery app solution performs at its best to the targeted user.

The solution consists of a responsive website having a user-friendly interface coupled with a dedicated mobile app. With this solution, you are able to secure growing customers by providing necessary information and purchase discounts. You can easily reach out to the targeted audience with our smart online medicine delivery app solution. Above all that, you can expand the limit of a traditional pharmacy thereby increasing your reach worldwide.

Efficient online medicine delivery service helps in customer retention contributing to customer relationship.

Expanding your pharmacy business into a mobile-friendly one needs extra care. Understanding the needs of customers and providing the best possible results is a must-have. Our tailor-made medicine delivery app performs at its best to the targeted user. The free and fast delivery of medicines along with easy user-friendly interface makes our solution a perfect option for you. Secure growing customers providing immense information also with discounts on purchase. Be a one-stop solution for all their healthcare needs.  Reaching out to the targeted audience is an attainable goal with a smart buy medicine delivery app.Furthermore, break all geographical limits opening an online pharmacy. We assure target-oriented communication with a sharp user experience design.

Acquisition of targeted customers easier with the best medicine delivery app. Enjoy a hassle-free experience along with these multiple benefits

  • Powerful core software for smoother performance
  • Smartphone friendly features like auto location
  • Application available for iOS & Android
  • Effective CRM, HRM, CMS features
  • Search engine friendly app & website

Pick the best medicine delivery app sale and take your online pharmacy business into new levels. Experience these benefits by making a wise investment with our services.

  • No hidden charges
  • Extended working hours support
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Improved ROI
  • Regular performance analysis

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

Entering into the world of mobile healthcare industry is a fruitful endeavor with tremendous advantages. The benefits of having a medicine delivery application are numerous. Some of the benefits include:

Instant Customer Reach

Get substantial customers providing quality service within time at their doorstep. Make it easy for customers to reach your service

Brand Equity

Increase your brand equity and brand awareness with the best services. Provide customers personalised features such as autofill option, medicine due pop-ups thus recalling your brand will be easy.

Effective User Interface Design

A user-friendly application can assure thriving customers for your application. Reduced complexity and easy navigation make the platform more accessible.

Wide Range of Audiences

Reaching out to diverse audiences is easy with the online medicine delivery application. The immense popularity of smartphones makes targeted communication effective at low cost.

Break Geographical Limitations

Amass flourishing community for your services breaking all geographical barriers. Publicize your business across the globe by opening storefront 24*7 hours

No Cost for Inventory

Being an online pharmacy, there is no need for inventory and thus all cost can be saved.

Product Modules  consist of

Ecommerce Website

  • Smart Storefront for smooth and interactive user experience.
  • Get medications uploading prescription with the earliest delivery.
  • Get your OTC drugs easily ordering via online at your convenience.
  • Responsive UI offers a user-friendly ordering experience.
  • SEO friendliness boosts online visibility and high traffic.

Android & iOS apps

  • Delivery application accelerates timely delivery experience.
  • Tracking of shipment order is easy using the smartphone features.
  • Mobile app for admin backed with an informative dashboard and a user-friendly backend.
  • Better UI/UX feature supplies engaging mobile app experience for the user.
  • The app is available both for play store and app store assure accessibility.

Backed By Powerful Software

  • Cloud POS allows easy integration over the entire transaction.
  • High-level security provides protection for full information.
  • Large data storage guarantee instant and continuous user experience.
  • Smartphone features help to take full advantage of the software.
  • Enhanced CRM, HRM, Fleet gives a hassle-free and accurate user experience.
  • Accounting module contributes to the overall automation of the software.

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