web designing in Kerala

As a digital forum, web design is more subjected to change in technology than its predecessors. Now 18 years into new millennium its no surprise that our technological advancement in web designing is evolving. But what’s astonishing is the fact that how web designers in many web designing companies in kerala are dealing the increasing technical difficulties and still manage to create web pages that are user friendly, clear and innovative and also steady with the corporate style. Web designing techniques have evolved during the years and they have played a prominent role in boosting the MNC’s and other companies by designing attractive and standard websites.

web designing in Kerala


There are many web designing trends that are adopted by various websites. They are:


1. Use of Drop shadows and Depth

Drop shadows is not a new concept but it has become a major trend in web designing for quite a while. We can also see variations in layouts. New layouts like grid and parallax are used by web designers nowadays to bring out the depth and illusion of their websites which is beyond the screen. One of the advantages of the drop shadows in web designing is that it creates multiple effects that increases not only the attraction of the website but also helps user experience.


2. Vibrant, saturated color schemes

Gone are the days when the websites are designed in dull grey colors. Bright and intense colors are preferred by many web designers. This makes the website technologically advanced. If you apply bright and intense colors to your website, everybody will be glued into your website.


3. Particle background

Particle background is a great solution to performance issues for many websites with video background run into. These are delicate javascript that allow movement to be created as part of the background naturally. It takes less time to download. As the saying goes, “image says more than a thousand words”. Moving image certainly says even more. Particle backgrounds attract the user’s attention with moving images.


4. Mobile designing

Browsing in mobiles have become more common these days. People can find out about anything they want by using mobile phones. For example you can get menu of a restaurant in your small screen. User has no problem in understanding the icons. Mobile App Development companies in thrissur focus on designing their apps in such a way that they are convenient for the user to access from his/her phone.

web designing in Kerala


5. Custom illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to attract the web audience. An experienced illustrator can make tailored images suitable for the brand tone. This is perfect choice of many businesses and also makes the product they are wanting to sell through the illustration more approachable.


6. Big and bold topography

Topography has been the most important tool in creating a tone to the website. Now that the device resolutions have reached to its higher level of visual sharpness custom fonts have being the best choice for creating a website. Large letters, contrasting san serif makes your website outstanding among others.


7. Asymmetry and broken grid layout

Asymmetry and broken grid layouts came into use in recent years and it is still being widely used by many web designers. It is unique and distinctive and also sometimes experimental. Although many large scale brands still use the traditional layout, there is an increase in the use of the asymmetry and broken grid layout for web design and hosting in thrissur.


8. Integrated animation

As more and more websites are transforming from the normal fixed layout to recent moving backgrounds people are opting for websites that are visually catchy. Another example is the distraction of the user by using graphics that can animate them while the page is loading.


9. Dynamic gradients

For past few years many company websites were designed using dimensional colors. Gradients are in trend again. Last time the gradients were mainly used as subtle shading to suggest 3D. Now they are big , colorful and slight louder. Also gradients are used as photo filters. This makes the less interesting photos look more lively.


10. Page transitions

Earlier web transition form one page to another was the usual process with no specific change on the page. Now with the state-change animation we can make the page transitions interesting. More and more websites are using state-change animation for making the web transition more innovative.

<>web designing in Kerala


11. Varying fonts

Fonts used for delivering textual content in a web page are becoming more and more tangible. Previously the fonts were only a handful of them and many web designers were forced to use them. But now there is diversity of typeface and we can use the font that will be best for their website.


12. CSS grid

CSS grid is another trend in web designing using which the designers can create most complicated website designs easily. Basically organising the content of the web page in the forms of rows and columns, it gives the developers an edge over their web sites. CSS grid technique used for web design and development in thrissur to uncomplicate the website which is complicate in its own way.

web designing in Kerala


13. Floating navigation

Another trend in web designing is the floating navigation menu. The web designers have chosen floating navigation menu than the usual fixed navigation except for few conversion focused website. By using the floating navigation the user can have the navigational control in their hands.


14. Immersive multimedia longform

When the content of the website is in longform, users tend to switch to another website for interesting content. But if the longform content is combined with custom layout like a video, graphs etc then the web audience will definitely go for your website instead of other websites.


15. Systematized Design

Now when the design is set the next step is to ensure that you analyze your design is systematically organised, scalable and cohesive. This helps in simplifying the decision making and cuts down on the development durations.
website designing in thrissur has become more advanced in its designing part as prominent web designers are creating websites using systematized design techniques.This makes their website more organized.


16. Geometrical shapes

Quirky designs and shapes are becoming part of the websites adding flair in a landscape which is otherwise ruled by flat designs. It also serves as the basis of other elements like fonts,photos,logos etc.


17. Overlapping text and images

In the recent past texts that slightly overlaps images accompanying them have been a popular design trend. Mostly this is used in blogs and portfolios. Imagine the overlapping of texts with the accompanying image with a colorful underline to it. Your website will be trendy and will have huge audience.


18. Organic layouts

Organic layouts are in trend as many designers use curved lines and soft shapes. For instance borderline cartoonish background adds generosity in the web page’s personality and also vivid colors to the effortless design. Web design in thrissur is based on organic layout.


19. Glitch art

This is another trend that has taken top spot in web designing. Glitch art has become most popular web designing trend that has been incorporated for website development in thrissur. It is a great way to grab the web audience’s attention with a lit bit of disorientation and glitch that can be attractive and catchy.


20. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are events with one single purpose that is to surprise the web audience and to create and event that is more inviting. They make the user’s interactions with website delightful by giving instant and relevant feedback to the user’s action. Popular Web design company in thrissur insists the use of micro-interaction technique to increase the Web audience.

Hence these are some of the cutting edge web designing trends that are being used by many websites to attract more web audience. Many website designing companies in kerala are using these techniques on their websites to give the web audience the experience of viewing a good website which is also worth their time. So future of the websites will definitely be a bright one with more upcoming trends in the web designing world.

web designing in Kerala


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