Convert Facebook Marketing Into A Lead Generating Machine!

Generating leads through social media marketing for the clients is not that easy going task as you think. Your combative competence are spread all over the social media to pull you behind in the SERPs. It can be a challenging task, as a minute of mistake in forwarding the attention towards the strategies can deliver an unfortunate result.

<>facebook marketing company in kerala

facebook marketing company in kerala

You need not worry as there exists numerous ways to tackle this situation in a hassle free manner. Normally what marketers does is they pay for Facebook ads with a fantasy of acquire more clients on the go. What the agencies have to prove is to show a few members added to the list using their strategies to convince the client.

Does the above mentioned scenario sound familiar in your case too? Do you know that generating cost efficient leads works better than the former strategy? Of course it is! This blog is for those who have dismissed Facebook thinking it as an ineffective marketing tool and for newcomers to the field. Here we discuss about two strategies that help your leads to grow by leaps & bounds.


Strategy #1 Facebook Offers:

                                                              Have you seen offers floating in the news feed on your Facebook? As there are over 2 billion monthly users roaming around in the media, an offer certainly will catch up the eyes of the people. They aim at the users by promoting products and services through targeted advertisements on FB.




Receive Leads By Using Offers

Simply promote your free ebook, consulting, webinar etc and let it drive people to a landing page where they have to enter their email addresses to move further. Notably, the offer will only be active after obtaining 100 + fans for the page. You have the choice to choose whether someone can redeem the offer online or not.

Another way why offers work perfectly is because when anyone claims your offer, it is will be displayed in their news feed and all friends associated with the account will be tempted to try the proposal. This is a highly beneficial idea that makes facebook stands apart from other social media platforms. Alternative paid advertisements certainly will empty your pocket, but if it fits the budget, go forward.


Strategy #2 Page Post Ads:

                                                           Page Post Ads enables you to promote your status update as an ad that can help target the aimed audience and it will be present in the right side of their facebook page as well as in newsfeed. There are numerous reasons why this can be a long running strategy for FB Promotion in Kerala

Firstly, Page posts are much larger than other ads compared to those in various platforms. Secondly, those which are displayed in the news feed works much better than in the facebook page because it is shared with lot more friends. It is accessible to 2 billion mobile users, accessing FB through their devices.

facebook marketing company in kerala



How Page Posts Ads Generate Leads ?

Create a status update in your facebook page that provide a call to action functionality on a click that redirects to an appropriate place and the landing page URL. Remember to plant it at the start of the post. Also, an eye catchy image, video, quote or caption can be a great plus. Finally, go to your Ads Creator and create a new Page Post ad, then select the post you  have created from the dropdown list. Options like how long the ad should run, budget, target etc has to be set right away.



The above set of strategies require considerable amount of efforts to be put up. It pains for an individual to put efficiently all theses ideas on the go to derive better results, so enquire with the experts in the field. Facebook Marketing Company in Kerala stand by your side always and ensures frequent flow of leads to any kind of businesses you are in. They also ensures a cost efficient strategy for the customers.


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