iOS 10.3 – 10.3.2 Update Has Got Something Surprising For You !

iPhones are one of the those trending technology that rules the market worldwide nowadays. iPhones runs with iOS mobile operating system, designed and developed by Apple Inc. The tech giants have rolled out various updates for their users, but this time the company has come out with a nasty update with many surprising features.

<>ios development in thrissur, kerala, india

iOS Development in Thrissur, Kerala, India

iOS 10.3 is the one released recently by Apple which is surprisingly the last roll out in iOS 10. Notably, the features appended along with the update enables your iPhone/iPad to be smarter and faster than ever before. This time you can find some changes in user interface along with some features that were in the queue list for a long time.

Apple File System (APFS):

Apple File System, abbreviated as APFS is a new file system which was developed and deployed by Apple with an intention to resolve the issues of HFS (Hierarchical File System) in Mac OS. A better performance with considerable storage area of upto 5gb can be gained using APFS. Many users have been complaining about degradation in performance for the last few updates, luckily iOS 10.3 is expected to give a smoother run on the device.



AirPod is a wireless earbud developed by Apple to hear any media enhancement while connected with bluetooth. Well a new feature has been added to “Find My iPhone” app which enables high pitched sound with increasing frequency in Airpod on a single tap of a button in the app. But initially you have to ensure your iPhone is connected to the the device through bluetooth. Also it helps you to know the last location from where the device was connected to the phone.




Want to know the last cricket match score ? Ask Siri, which you can think as a cricket updates search technology and gives you the latest cricket match updates within seconds of a search. Scores for the world cup series as well as champions trophy details can be retrieved using this technology. Another surprising feature is that it can help schedule Uber trips and payment of bills hours before the start.


App Store Views & Icons:

Finally the developers will be able to reply to the reviews put by the user in the app store. These replies will be visible to everyone and if you find it helpful, the rate can be rated by with the help of a 3D touch. In appstore and Itunes the users can now disable in-app purchases and rating popups. Also the developers can change the app icon with the prior permission of the user, without applying for any update.

atees mobile app development


UI Changes:

Eventhough there has been not that much alterations brought to the user interfaces with this update, small changes has applied some amazing techniques on the screen. Edges can be seen getting rounded when an app is closed, which suits the display well. When entering a passcode, the empty state of code will be shown in circles instead of dashes. In the mail app, up & down arrows are introduced to navigate to the previous and next mail respectively.


Profile Section & Settings Page:

When you open the “Settings” page, it will be in a new style with a new profile section. A profile icon and name will be displayed on the top, tapping on which it shows all the details regarding your iPhone such as Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and appstore details. Also, any important notifications/ updates related to the account can be viewed below. iCloud has introduced a new bar at the top which helps to understand how much space has been taken up in the storage area and the devices connected to the iCloud account.


Map App:

In the map, you can see the flat earth view, and on repeated zooming shows the satellite and a 3D globe view. Small icons showing weather and current temperature can be seen at the bottom right corner of the screen when you search for a city. In the weather app, a 3D touch can be made to view the hourly forecast and detailed weather forecast on tapping again. However this feature will only be available in iPhone 6S or above versions.

atees mobile app development


Theatre Mode:

For those using Apple watch, there is a happy news you were waiting for. This watch get released along with 10.3 update and surprisingly it has got a theatre mode. Simple action like raising the wrist will enable this mode which puts the watch into silent mode and disables the wake screen feature. This stops the device from automatically switch on the screen but still you can get the notifications.



CarPlay is a Apple product, which allows the user to view in a radio or head unit and also helps to control the apps in iPhone. In the new release, it makes switching between apps much easier to do by displaying the 3 most recent apps in a left sidebar always, instead of navigating to homepage each time to select the application. Also, it list charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and an option in the “About” section, which shows the current software version.



Podcasts Widget:

Podcasts is an audio file made available in the internet in an sequence, which can be downloaded to a device. Now this app has its own widget where you can view the different artworks of the podcast, 4 in compact mode and 8 in expanded mode. However there is no control over the playback like in a music player, The only functionality is that podcast playback can be started with a tap of a finger.

Web Designing Companies in Kerala
Effective Web Design Principles for Best User Experience

Are you a web designer? If yes, what are the qualities you spray on the website under construction? A website is a page where a customer or a client searches for information rather than just seeing the beauty. So the designing should be made in such a way it doesn’t discomforts the person looking for informations which may result in losing the customer.

<>Web Designing Companies in Kerala

Web Designing Companies in Kerala

Are you looking for Web Designing Companies in Kerala? ATEES is a web design company in Kerala, has put forward a team for servicing effective and user friendly design of the website to its customers. Here we are also exporting knowledge on the guidelines to be followed while designing a website.

  • Consider the audience who searches for information and their goals before arriving to the initial stage of designing. Note that they don’t just read the information given but scans for relevant informations which depends on the type of business they have opted.
  • Initially plan and sketch a rough idea of your website and implement it online by using a dummy site before hosting it so that you can make room for changes before the user views it. Organize the titles and subtitles in appropriate place and style so that it looks neat and clean for the end user.
  • User’s prioritize on quality and reliability of the page. A business targeted site may opt for more and more advertisements which can gain money using PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy with easy to understand quality contents can bring in more and more traffic to the website.
  • Clarity is a major factor to be taken care of during the design process. 90% of the user’s researches for suitable information they require rather than looking at just the design. Keep a watch on unwanted design components and color grids for images and readable fonts avoiding high contrast are recommended. Put a full stop to unpleasant graphics which may descend the rating of the website.
  • The end user will always choose a site through which they can navigate smoothly. Shortcut buttons to reach a specific position within a page or outside can be an effortless action for the person but note that extensive use of buttons can prove disastrous to the site. Try to design it as simple as possible adding breadcrumbs (a graphical control element used for navigational assistance) to keep track of their position within the website.

hotel bozz hotel business package kerala
Introducing HOTEL BOZZ

HOTEL BOZZ is a complete package of digital solutions for the hotel industry. The uniqueness of HOTEL BOZZ lies in the fact that it completely revolutionises the way hotel businesses are run and maximises revenue at every opportunity. It also generates direct business for the hotel through its unique ways of delivering customer delight, thereby reducing dependency on OTAs.

<>hotel bozz- hotel business package kerala, india

hotel bozz hotel business package kerala

HOTEL BOZZ enables a hotelier to monitor hotel operations, analyse performance of every department and make better business decisions. It covers every aspect of business and automates almost all routine processes, cutting down heavily on time, manpower and costs.

Let us take a peek at the goodies HOTEL BOZZ presents to the hotelier:


A Brand Responsive Website

Every hotel needs a professional website for users to visit and book online. Hotel Bozz provides an eye-catching website that is optimised to rank high in internet searches, and encourages visitors to convert to bookers.

Its responsive feature makes it look good on any screen, desktop or mobile, in portrait or landscape view. A corresponding m-site is also available which is designed for mobile/tablet viewing.


Mobile Booking Apps for iOS/Android

These versatile apps developed for the two most commonly used platforms – iOS and Android, helps mobile users book easily and stay updated on latest offers and travel- friendly information.

The user can view gallery of available rooms, latest offers, booking history, weather updates and much more.


Powerful Booking Engine

A responsive booking engine gives users the flexibility to book through any device in simple, easy steps. A friendly user-interface provides information on rooms available, special offers etc and takes the guest through a transparent, hassle-free booking process with secure online payment option.


Hotel Management Software

The Hotel ERP software comprises modules for front desk, customer management, housekeeping, HR and payroll, Inventory management, accounting and reporting functions. All departments are seamlessly automated on a single platform thereby improving efficiency and performance at every level.


Digital Branding & Marketing

HOTEL BOZZ provides the hotel business with the ideal marketing strategy to stay ahead of online competition. From social networking efforts to digital advertising and email/SMS marketing, HOTEL BOZZ leaves no stone unturned in growing the hotel brand to the top.

HOTEL BOZZ is the complete end-to-end solution for the hospitality industry. It allows a hotel to achieve digital competency in all aspects and capture direct and loyal customers without losing valuable business to OTAs. Thus HOTEL BOZZ is every hotelier’s weapon to cut down their dependency on third-parties like OTAs and drive direct, non-commissionable business.


software companies in thrissur
Facebook F8 2017: Fortunate For Marketers

World’s largest social networking site, Facebook has conducted the annual developer conference on April 18 and 19 this year at San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, California and announced the biggest featured update in its history, which is being hoped by the people to deploy in the market. Abbreviated as F8, the meeting was primarily for the developers.

<>software companies in thrissur

software companies in thrissur

Developers were told to bring upgrades for its pivot service and messenger. However other platforms like whatsapp, instagram, oculus are not included in the mentioned scenario. Also they are centring on providing internet connection to the remote areas of the world. Augmented reality and cameras are under consideration by putting significant efforts on the hardware section.

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said that the he aimed at bringing a platform where a person owns control to share anything with anyone. Also the tech giants has laid out ideas focussing on manifesting updates to its key areas like artificial intelligence, messaging, live videos etc, in the conference held.

Here we are going to examine each announcement made during the conference in detail and how it is going to mould the marketing strategies in the upcoming years.

  • Advanced Marketing Analytics:

                                                                  Perhaps it is going to be its one of the best updates ever for improving interactions in facebook like post reactions, engagement sharing feature in multiple platforms, existing services in the application and resolving bugs. Offline conversion analytics which will enhance online interactions and shows how they are made into money. Advertisers will be having a lucky time after introducing the concept as the strategy will help to analyze the behaviour at the time of purchase.

  • Multi Channel Custom Audiences:

                                                                       The team can watch people’s behaviour within the website and app to build multiple channel custom audience. With this, marketers will be able to target audiences who have even viewed the contents in the shopping site, but it takes time to roll out. You would be able to append or remove a visitor in the ecommerce store. Still this feature is under beta testing by the developers and can be expected to reach customers shortly.

software companies in thrissur

  • Market Understanding using AI:

                                                                   Artificial Intelligence had always been a priority for facebook to bring automation in the the platform in the sense its helps to perceive the people’s thought. Anticipating characteristic using AI as the tool can bring difference in engagement strategy and can be filtered based on cities. By this technique can be highly advantageous for advertisers focussing on large number of people to watch their offers.   

  • All New Camera Effect:

                                                    Facebook has brought an all new camera feature to its native application and messenger platform that will convert the mobile camera into augmented reality device. With the help of AR, people will be able to bring special effects in fb. More custom frames are being rooted for the advertisers to showcase their creative skills in their business marketing strategy.

  • Facebook Messenger 2.0:

                                                        Messenger 2.0 were introduced because number of users are increasing dramatically in the platform. According to a study it was noted that there are 1.2 billion monthly users sending around 2 billion messages between people and business alone. This can bring a better experience in the conversation section. Some of the new features in version includes a discovery tab, chat extension, messenger code scanning camera and smart replies.

  • Surround 360 Technology:

                                                          Surround 360 technology feature was launched for everyone to create high definition (HD) quality videos. As mentioned above, facebook have introduced new camera effects into live play. Virtual Reality is the idea behind this and with this it will be able to produce videos in a 3D space. A virtual environment can be experienced enabling you to move in all directions.

software companies in thrissur

  • Multi Product Dynamic Ads:

                                                            An updated version of facebook’s dynamic ad will show relevant ads in the page based on the search history in the website or app. For example if you are selling salwars, this technology will be help you to target all people who have searched for salwars from any ecommerce site. Multiple images of up to 20 images can be uploaded now which gives chance to display the item in different angles and styles.   

F8 conference is spreading viral in the internet today. Expectation has raised, especially among various  businesses worldwide. People desires for the new update to be available as soon as possible. With facebook in a new face, audiences will be able to experience new products and possibilities not only within but also across different platforms.   

All About The New Android O Update

The current generation is well familiar about the world’s most popular operating system – The Android. It is a mobile OS which is grounded on linux kernel and mainly designed for the smartphones.The tech giant “Google” is the pioneer behind the introduction of this technology to the public.

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Google usually comes up with new updates each year, aiming at bringing new features and security steps to ensure secure usability by the end user’s. The upgrades can be downloaded either from the Playstore or from the Android Package Kit (APKs), which is a special file format through which new applications and middleware are installed.

The last update of the previous version was the Nougat 7.1 which was released in August 2016, where you may not have seen much changes carved into it. Google has currently rolled out the developer preview of the next version of operating system in March 2017 – Android O. Initially it is only accessible to Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C and Pixel XS smartphones.

atees infomedia android app development

The developers have not finalized which dessert name they would give to the new member.However they have come up with 3 titles namely: Oreo, Orange and Oatcake and are also seeking polls from the public to choose the most prefered name. Android O has planned to bring many new alteration for a smoother experience to the user in the mobile. They are chiefly working on improving the battery life, notification display and enhancing user interface. Following are the new features expected in the os.


Background Limits:

This feature gives room for betterment of battery life and extending the charge holding capacity of the phone. So it has imposed some restrictions for the applications to run in the background, which is one of the main reason why battery is draining rapidly. Some other automatic limits of what an app should do behind the user’s view is also included like Implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. User’s don’t have to manage anything manually in this new version.

Notification Channels:

The new mode of receiving notifications will be a new experience for the user. With Android O, sorting is made easy and can be done by the user itself depending on the type. Even though the messages are managed by their respective apps, a person has also the complete control over how it should arrive and display on the screen. This is the first time in the history, android is bringing a multimode management of notifications from different channels to the users.

Autofill Framework:

Many of us have wished for the informations to be provided in the columns like login id, password and other details while processing a banking transactions is made automatic. Now your dream is coming to a reality. Autofill will be introduced in the new platform where security of the statistics is also taken care of in a much improved manner and repetitive data is filled automatically by the system. Now the user don’t have to rely on the accessibility settings to control the working of the app.

Picture in Picture Mode:

Abbreviated as PIP, picture in picture for handsets are introduced in this version where the user can multitask with their device in the same time. For example, a person can switch to a chat in the background while watching a video simultaneously without pausing it. This feature was formerly available only on Android TV but now it has made way to the smartphones too. Handling screen overlays or launching an app without any annoying alerts reduces headache of the user.

Adaptive Icons:

In this version of android, icons of apps on the wallpaper is designed in a way that attracts the attention of the person. These are made adaptive in display to the viewers in different shapes on a mask selected by the system are combined to bring beauty to the user interface. Google has also brought some animation effects which increases interaction with the picture in the launcher, shortcuts, widgets and settings in the device.


Android O changes the way one or more devices communicate with each other. High standard bluetooth audio can be experienced while playing your favourite songs using bluetooth. Wifi alerts have been enabled which allows the user to connect with the wifi of another device without an access point. New APIs can now
control over the third party calling apps directly and display the call information in them, so the normal phone dialer is not necessary for voice or video chats.

Keyboard Navigations:

Everyone will wish for a good experience while making use of the keyboards available in their smartphones. This update put forward an all new functions like reliability and predictability on the board so that the next suggested word would come automatically, reducing the strain. Mainly focussing on betterment of arrow and tab key navigation in all the applications as it decreases the frequent complaints from the end user and is easier for developers to work on.


With the webview becoming more and more user intended, XML (Extensible Markup Language) layouts can be used to display fonts. Font styles can be chosen from the list of its families and better stability can security can be achieved by this. Web having a multi purpose is what google is targeting to achieve in Android O. Developers are also working on bringing safe browsing and incognito mode for remote pages.

iOS development in thrissur
iOS Development

iOS mobile apps are remarkable for their look and feel, speed and ease of use. A large percentage of elite global customers are iOS users, and compared to Android users, iOS users are likely to spend more on in-app purchases according to a recent study. Thus iOS mobile app development is an exciting field, with limitless opportunities to grab the customers’ attention in the highly competitive mobile marketing space.

<>iOS development in thrissur

iOS development in thrissur

ATEES Infomedia Pvt. Ltd delivers secure and next-gen iOS development in Thrissur for start ups, SMEs and enterprises worldwide. We understand our clients’ specific business requirements to deliver powerful, ROI-focused solutions. We create apps with perfect look and feel, clean code and target audience specific design. Our team constantly researches and evaluates latest app features of Apple to deliver robust, scalable apps which deliver results.

Our goal is to replace traditional business process with app-driven solutions that rapidly convert leads to business. With several years of expertise in the domain of app development, we pride ourselves in building cutting-edge, business-oriented apps delivered well within stipulated limits of time and budget.

We employ Apple’s best practices and constantly innovate. Our expert team of iOS developers is proficient in C, Objective C and Swift native development technologies and delivers robust apps with clean code that get approved on App store in one go. We also offer support services for the apps we make, by constantly updating them with the latest iOS features and ensuring compatibility with newer phones’ hardware.
If you are planning to build an application that renders to your valued customers, use our result-oriented services with a proven track record. Get your business a virtual name card with the exceptional iOS applications built by our experts at ATEES.


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