Site Launch

We are pleased to announce the groundbreaking website launch. The website revamp was such a hectic and long journey for all of us and finally, we have come up with the best online presence that caters all your specific requirements. We have given special attention to all areas of the new website so as to provide better accessibility and easiness to the whole information. This is the major website revamp we have done since the last revamp in 2014.

Our previous website became outdated on account of the introduction of modern technology as well as novel insights in SEO analytics. Though we have outstanding services and sub-services, they were not publicized in the prior website. The need for a more innovative outlook was completely evident and that is how we have resolved to revamp our website. All these constraints were eliminated and answered in a better way on our new website.

We wanted to provide the finest user-friendly experience for our customers. Therefore, the first thing we did was optimizing the whole site as per the latest technologies. This comprised of SEO, Relevant keywords research and sophisticated UI/UX design. All these measures created the best website experience. Each area of the website became more interactive, informative and accessible with voice search technology. Our full-fledged services are made visible as new services are being added. Amongst the new features, we have made the website optimized for mobile devices. A product store is now available for customers for software products. We offer flat 40% off for our services, so all small, medium and large scale industries can benefit from it. We believe that our updated website is able to enhance the customer’s experience.

  1. Starting as a PHP developer how do you brief your career after becoming an e-commerce specialist?

    From my journey as a core PHP developer to an e-commerce specialist, one thing that has driven me is the need to learn. I started my career as a core PHP developer. While working on the programming language, I studied about the default functions from which I created custom functions. I was able to build and provide assistance on various types of projects. It is at this time that I advanced my career from maxtreme pharma core PHP to MVC architecture and further expanded it to HMVC. While working on this architecture and its programming, my attention became focused on e-commerce. Amazed by its possibilities in various industrial needs such as sales, rent, wholesale/retail, etc. This led me to learn more about e-commerce and how it functions in various categories. This, in turn, led me to learn about Opencart.

    This is where I got into building e-commerce software systems for companies and as projects. Integration and customization was a part of it. The more I learned about e-commerce and its functions, the better I became. Around this point, I advanced my career to Magento specialist where I was programming custom modules, API and other functionalities. The point is to never stop learning and never be afraid of aiming high.

  2. Being an e-commerce specialist what are the challenges that you have faced?

    Becoming an e-commerce specialist was a platform for me where I could learn more deeply and use my acquired skills to develop successful projects, however, there were challenges that I faced during my work times. Instead of seeing them as a pain, I see these challenges as various motivating factors that further drove me to learn more about e-commerce technologies. Some of the challenges I faced was dealing with API transactions, recurring payments which involved repetitive tasks. Most of the challenges were involved in the server-side. Changes in the server-side made us make frequent changes. Overcoming challenges helped me to update my knowledge as an e-commerce specialist. This also allowed me to serve the customers better. When low-level companies visit us for a consultation on starting an e-commerce website, based on my experience in dealing with these challenges, I am able to point them out and explain clearly along with the solutions. This makes them choose us for implementing the e-commerce software. This is helpful for both customers and us.

  3. What are the trending aspects of e-commerce and how it worked out in your organisation?

    E-commerce is an evolving platform that results in newer changes occurring. The idea is to know about the current trends by identifying and analysing them to see if such an update is beneficial for the organization. What I normally do is that when I come to know about any trending ecommerce update or solution, I test it myself. The testing involves ensuring if the latest trending concept will be feasible for smoother workflow in the organisation. If found suitable, only then I will brief my team about it. Sometimes the team members come up with ideas on improving the e-commerce system. This also results in checking and finding out if it has the potential for business growth.

  4. Apart from being an e-commerce specialist, you are the team lead of several projects. How would you describe your work life?

    What I don’t prefer is leaving one for the other. Being both an e-commerce specialist & a team leader, I am able to find a balance on both sides. The thing about e-commerce projects is that for almost every project, the base is the same. This makes dealing with e-commerce projects one step easier whereas when handling other project types, they will have different architecture and functions. Since they are different and require different logic, a certain amount of time is needed in order to learn and build the logic especially if its a project that I don’t know about. Without the proper knowledge base, handling the projects is not at all recommended.

    When I receive projects, based on the project type, I assign the respective parts to my teammates and bring them together on board. The benefit of this approach is that each member gets a part of the project that they are well experienced at and it promotes faster development of the project. As an e-commerce specialist and a team leader, I have an overall idea about both platforms. This is what makes me able to handle projects without compromising one over the other.

  5. What are the possibilities of e-commerce mobile app?

    Mobile applications are gaining popularity in recent years. Smartphones are gaining dominance in the online world for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks equivalent to the ones performed on a typical desktop. This includes e-commerce. Since the majority of people are using smartphones for shopping, an e-commerce app can definitely increase business sales. What an e-commerce app does is promotes publicity about products and drives customers to the app or website. When we build an e-commerce mobile app, what we try to aim for is providing a faster and fluid shopping experience to the users. When designing the app for smartphone, it involves the use of caching and API’s which are compressed so as to provide a faster loading time. The purpose of an e-commerce app is to lead the customer from browsing to sales point within the shortest time. This means presenting an interface that houses all the important parameters needed for promoting a sale.


We are excited about announcing a 70% offer on all our Solution. This promotion offer is available for all our solutions ranging from food delivery to cloud POS. The offer is purely based on the absolute goal of reaching out to small and micro businesses and empowering them in terms of modern technology. Likewise, we offer a limited slot 40% off on all our digital technologies despite business size. Our services are the perfect pick as we deliver supreme quality services without any hidden charges.

This price is applicable to all our products and is the best in the market. Besides rolling back prices, we also provide two-year free hosting. Each of our solutions consists of a website & a mobile app except POS. Our services are delivered to all SME enterprise around the world.

digital marketing companies in Thrissur

The digital marketing sector is steadily rising and has become one of the important areas for career growth in the current scenario. The thing about digital marketing is that it is not a single concept but rather a collection of various services.

Among them, one of the important factors of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have heard about digital marketing, then you must definitely have heard about SEO.

What’s the big deal about SEO?

Everyone wants their websites to rank high in Google’s first search result page, but do you think getting your website ranked is something easy to accomplish?

Of course, it’s not, because if it was, then everything would be so cluttered and spamming due to the presence of redundant and low-quality content. The purpose of SEO is optimizing your site using certain procedures so that it ranks higher in searches relevant to your industry.

Some important tips

Here we describe some SEO tips that you must know if you are into SEO and want to make your business get better brand recognition and getting higher ranking for your website. Keep reading on.


digital marketing companies in Thrissur

We are living in a world of high-speed internet connections and speed is an important factor. if your website is not even able to load in high internet speeds, it creates a bad user experience and drives the customer away from your site, thus losing an organic lead which is not a good thing. Web page loading is a crucial factor in SEO.

Also, if the website is slow, don’t expect it to get ranked high in the search results as even Google has itself stated site speed as one of the ranking factors for websites on the web.

SEO Copywriting

digital marketing companies in Thrissur

Every website contains content but only quality ones are always ranked. Have you ever wondered how?

SEO copywriting is the method used. What is it?

It is a form of online writing in which the content focuses on the target i.e the user by including relevant key phrases that the user searches for. The benefits for copywriting are it helps your content to get ranked higher and drive organic traffic to your website.

The thing is quality writing and when adding keyphrases, make sure to avoid repetitions and keyword stuffing just for the sake of ranking. People value quality, engaging content, therefore make sure the content is related to what people want. By availing professional SEO services in Thrissur you can know more about this feature.

Implement SSL Security

We all value security, right?

Due to this, we never go for websites that are not safe, even if it has excellent quality contents and visual themes. Not only that, if your website is secure, it increases value compared to a non secure website. Even Google agrees that they prefer to rank websites that have SSL Security.

How SSL is important to SEO?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard technology that keeps the internet connection secure and the exchange of data between two parties are encrypted and are not readable by external resources.

digital marketing companies in Thrissur

If the website displays HTTPS along with a lock symbol, then the website is said to be secure. HTTPS is an important ranking factor that Google uses, therefore secure websites equal higher ranking and generating organic leads.

Develop the best UI/UX design

Just because your website has engaging and valuable content does not ensure the top spot. If your website is not visually appealing enough, people won’t look at it and it doesn’t drive organic traffic to your site. Therefore your website must be visually stunning and at the same time, the contents should not look too cluttered.

Mobile Indexing

digital marketing companies in Thrissur

This is the era of mobile phones. Today there’s nothing impossible with mobile phones. From calling to making online purchases, mobile technology has significantly grown.

Majority of the people use mobile phones for browsing over the internet. Due to this more search traffic is experienced from mobile devices than desktop counterparts. The concept of mobile indexing is gaining popularity and demand.

Even tech giant Google has already stated that they are going for mobile first indexing and have started the process. Therefore, it is recommended to give more emphasis on the mobile optimization of your website.

Almost everyone uses mobile phones for browsing and getting information, therefore if your services are easily accessible by mobile, then you will get guaranteed traffic to your website.

If you have a desktop site, then you can redesign and optimize it to become mobile-friendly site such that potential customers can reach your site faster or you can get a mobile app that describes all your services and also providing a good user experience too. Opting for a digital marketing company that also caters to mobile application development is a good idea.

The right place to start

If you want your business to get better brand recognition and higher rankings on various search engines, the logical choice is to opt for the services of a professional SEO company in Thrissur.

The reasons to choose a reputed firm is very much important because they consist of experienced professionals that are constantly monitoring the latest updates in the online world to plan and execute the right strategies for getting increased recognition for your business.

With the rising popularity and competitive nature, there are many digital marketing companies in Thrissur and among them, Atees Infomedia is one of the best firms for your digital marketing solutions.

What makes Atees the best?

Atees has more than 7 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and has implemented effective marketing strategies that have increased the business growth for many well-known clients. Our team of professionals knows what strategies are the best for a particular business process and how to drive more organic traffic to your site.
Our services include website development, e-commerce website development, local & global digital marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, brand awareness and recognition, social media management and more. If you want to get better recognition and more organic traffic for your business, avail our services and see the results of our unique strategies.

Mobile App Development
Latest Trends on Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development industry, one of the fastest growing industries is coming up with new inventions and latest technological advancements in the mobile space. It is estimated that global revenue generated by app trends will be around $188.9 billion by the year 2020. Since day by day these trends are evolving it is important to keep up with the changing technologies in order to understand customer demands.

Following are some android app development trends for the year 2019.

Beacons Technology

Customer service could be brought to a personalized level using Beacon technologies. Beacon device and mobile app connected helps in identifying the products customers need. Beacons act as navigational aid since it is a Location-Based Technology. There are many beacon applications in market which enables the customer to find the location of items on their list in the map of the store. Various industries use Beacons technology in their applications. These include Museums, Hotels, airports, mobile payments, Healthcare, etc. AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning, Beacon treasure hunting are some of the future trends for beacon technology in 2019.

Coming of 5G

5G wireless connection could make the android development industry to take a leap as it speeds up the internet connection improving functionality and security. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G.

Many mobile application development companies have taken steps to adapt 5G to their applications for more data security, speed, 3D gaming and augmented reality. With the power of 5G, mobile applications could improve responsiveness and speed that will create new customer experiences.

Usage of Wearable 

A rapid growth is seen in the case of Wearable in the market. Studies says that in the future wearable will take over today’s smartphones. The graph of sale of traditional watches tends to decrease with the appearance of wearable watches.

Software Development Companies are building software for platforms like the Apple Watch. Mobile application development companies are creating smarter devices when there is rising trend on wearable. Big ones such as Zomato and Uber have already made investments in wearable app development. Apart from smart watches there could come fitness bands, movement trackers, and much more as wearable.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mobile App Development

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are the best examples of Augmented and virtual reality implemented tools. This technology is widely used by gaming brands especially after the huge success of the game Pokémon go.  Right from teaching to aircraft wiring Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality has a wide spectrum of applications. Google has already introduced AR microscope for pathologists in spotting tumors. Giant IT companies are releasing new AR demos on their latest devices. Some of the latest trends of AR and VR includes Mobile AR disruption, AR in marketing & advertising, AR in healthcare and AR in manufacturing

Mobile wallets

Mobile App Development

For the android app development industry security issues are the main challenge they face for mobile wallets. So mobile wallets as well as payment gateway must be integrated with highest level of secured encryption. It is seen that there are over 2 billion mobile wallet users across the world. One major advantage Mobile Wallets offers its users is Contactless payment which is why it is most popular among the customers. In 2019 more software development companies will be providing a highly safe platform for money transaction and bill payments for the clients.


The advantages of using a Cloud includes reducing costs in hosting, better storage, improved loading capacity, increased user retention and streamlined business operations. Mobile App Development can be made more secure, fast, and reliable with Cloud technology such as Dropbox, AWS and SlideRocket. More powerful apps which run directly on the Cloud can be developed that makes sure of minimal storage space of the smartphones.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning has already taken its first step in the mobile applications development field. By 2020 the AI industry will rise up to $40 billion. Chatbots and virtual assistants are the very fine examples of AI and machine learning application in the mobile app development industry.   AI can also be implemented in the health industry like giving the physicians with more suitable treatment options for cancer. In future AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning and interoperability among neural networks could be seen.

Instant Apps

Popularity of instant mobile apps is increasing day by day. Hollar Inc., New York Times Crossword, Red Bull TV and Skyscanner are some of the instant apps already in the field. Many android development firms uses instant apps for a better conversion rate than regular mobile apps. Since instant apps can be accessed directly without any download it eliminates the waiting time required in the installation. Even though they are smaller in size they provide all the basic functionalities of a website. A great user experience and less space consumption are the greatest advantages of instant apps.
Since Mobile App Development companies are coming up with new trends, unlimited opportunities are created in the improvement of the business. It is important to get updated as these technologies get better and stronger every day.

google adwords
How Google Adwords benefits business

One day, you searched for a particular item or service on the internet or an e-commerce website. The next day you started to see random pop ups of what you searched the previous day on every website you visit.

How is it happening? You must have wondered. The answer is Google Adwords.

We all use the internet for many purposes, we all have encountered these small random pop up Adwords at least once in our internet usage lifetime. If you haven’t, then you have not used the internet.

google adwords

What are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords, currently known as Google Ads is the online marketing and advertising platform developed and owned by Google in which many organisations such as digital marketing firms, advertising companies use various types of Adwords, banners etc to generate business sales.

Do you know the major income source for Google? Its through Adwords.

Yes, the advertisers pays money to google for using their ad based services. The total revenue of Google in the last fiscal year, 2018 was 136.22 billion dollars, out of which the advertising revenue was accounted to 116 billion dollars.

See how google made their major shares through advertising.

Why Google Adwords are used?

In today’s world, everything is done through advertising. It is the fastest way for people to know about a particular product or service. Every business wants their brand, services to be known by customers and reach them faster.

The reach of google is massive such that the first stop for anything online is google. Whatever it may be, searches, uploads, etc all are done through google. Therefore placing strategic Ads on the google network results in higher probabilities for your business to get known.

Another reason for using Google Adwords is that it helps building brand awareness for your firm or services. In fact it has been found that most of the highest marketing companies have focused on Google Adwords to build their brand image.

If your brand is well known, then attracting potential customers won’t be much of an issue.

How is it implemented?

After that fill in some basic details such as the time zone, location etc. After that, you need to set up the billing details i.e how much you want to spend on a particular ad campaign. The next phase is setting up your Adwords on the google network.

How to do that? Keywords.

Keywords are not just random words, they are certain types of words or phrases that matches your ad when a customer searches for a particular topic.

It is estimated that Google receives about 63000 searches per second in a day. That’s impressive.

However, just having a set of keywords does not ensure it will match your ads. Your keywords must be ranked which is the next step i.e placing bids.

Normally biddings are done by the advertising companies by grouping the keywords they bid on. Google identifies the relevant keywords along with the associated ad and bid and places them into an auction.

In order to determine the rank of your ad, Google considers two factors which are quality score and maximum bid or CPC (cost per click), i.e

             Your Ad rank= maximum bid * quality score

Okay, so you have got your ad ranked. Now the main question arises,

How much should you pay to google once a customer clicks your ad?

On average the cpc rates are approximately 2 dollars. However, it can vary from low to high depending on the rank your ad is placed and the quality scores. Higher quality scores for your ad results in less payment to Google.

How Google Adwords target customers

Usually advertising companies that use Google Adwords targets the customers users on two main networks which is search network and Display network.

The search network is where the customer searches for a particular item, and if it matches your ad that is shown, the customer clicks it and the advertising company gets the business. This is referred to as pay per click advertising.

google adwords

Whereas the Display network is where the advertisers places the ads on different parts of the websites. This is the part where we see the visual pop ups once we have searched for any particular topic.

Choosing the right digital marketing firm

This must be done very carefully and is not something to be considered lightly. Not many of us have the skills to properly implement Google ads. In such a case, relying on digital marketing firm is the only logical choice.

There are many digital marketing companies that provide different types of marketing services using google ads for clients. If you are planning to employ digital marketing services, always prefer reputed companies that have a good track record.

There are many companies in Thrissur that provides Google Adwords services for your business. One of the top marketing firms among them is Atees Infomedia.

How Atees helps you

Atees Infomedia has been in the field of digital marketing for more than 10 years, such that we know what are the trends and how to implement effective strategies that makes the customers tick.

When a client approaches us, we identify their cause, and implement unique marketing ways to promote their brand, drive traffic to their websites, create and implement strategic ads on the google network to increase their business.


Well defined Marketing Strategies with captivating content


Powerful websites along with great layout and designs


SEO friendly website with more traffic & better leads


ATEES has been the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala since 2012. Our efficient services has benefited well-known companies all over the world. We are primarily focussed on providing technologies for Micro, Small & Large businesses.