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Bounteous Builders

We used ATEES’ digital marketing services from 2014-15. In just one year, we experienced a great spike in our online presence and popularity. Today we are a well-known builder in Thrissur with a large group of online followers. Thanks to the unique and innovative marketing efforts of ATEES. There is no company that can compare with ATEES in their experience and innovation.

ATEES Created a digital presence for Haritha Homes by promoting our Facebook page and Digital Marketing which attracted many leads to our site.Thanks to the powerful marketing techniques employed by ATEES, we are running ahead in our business.

Mobile Applications development in Thrissur

S Kumar
- Haritha Homes

Digital Marketing in Thrissur

Shareef Babu
- Windoz Finesse

Windoz Finesse is a provider of premium window treatment solutions in Thrissur. ATEES has been taking care of our digital marketing and facebook promotions for more than a year. They provide excellent services for our continuously changing business needs and our facebook page has close to 1000 followers. We are impressed by the interesting content and innovative marketing. I thank ATEES team for their support.

Sulaimani 168 is a hotel situated in Thrissur, we have been using ATEES facebook promotion services for two years now. We have got a phenomenal 12K likes so far, and some of our interesting posts can reach up to 50,000 people. We are experiencing an increased rush of customers seeking us out in Thrissur. We thank ATEES for helping us rapidly expand our business in such a short time.

Odoo/OpenERP in Thrissur


Web Design in Thrissur

Looks and Locks

ATEES has been our Facebook page promoter since 9 months. Ours is a Beauty Salon located in Calicut. They are a flexible and trustworthy team. Ever since ATEES took over our facebook promotions, we are receiving so many likes and post shares.

Excellent services are provided followed by a satisfying results. SEO and digital promotions yield an amazing result at the end. I strongly recommend ATEES to any business organisation who needs business through digital marketing. Thanks to ATEES Team for the great support and professional service.

Mobile Applications development in Thrissur

Varghese Inasu
- Forms Builders

Odoo/OpenERP in Thrissur

Fuwad Panangai
- Hotel Bhasuri inn

When we approached ATEES 3 months back, we were looking for a quick boost to our sinking hotel business. We had everything a reputed hotel needs - well-trained staff, clean quality rooms, dedicated customer service yet we were not getting the business we deserved. We needed professional help to create a solid marketing strategy, so we decided to consult ATEES. ATEES staff has been very communicative and helpful from the start, and showed us the exact path to achieve our business goals in a realistic time frame. I am glad to say that just 3 months since using ATEES services, we are making good progress and our profits have risen sharply in record time. In another 6 months, we are certain that we will achieve our targeted goal with ATEES help.

We are a top wedding planner in Kochi providing unparalleled event management services. ATEES has been taking care of our digital marketing efforts for around two years now. We are highly pleased with the results. As a consequence of the powerful digital marketing solutions provided by ATEES, our facebook page has 13K followers, and we have received innumerable clients through our website and facebook. We highly recommend ATEES to everyone.

Digital Marketing in Thrissur

Bahanan Areekkal
- Scenario Weddings



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