"How we drove more visitors to SCENARIO WEDDINGS"

The Managing Director of Scenario Weddings, Mr.Bahanan's statement-

ATEES, our consultant for Digital Marketing Services has reviewed and presented the following case study for us(SCENARIO WEDDINGS).



Scenario Weddings is a leading creative event management company with over 7 years of succesful service and satisfied customers. We however felt we must enhance our online presence and grow in the Digital world of Business, hence approached ATEES for a consultation. Here are some of the issues we needed addressal of:

  • Not Getting enough shares of natural search engine.
  • Improper functioning of ON Page SEO concepts.
  • Restricted/Limited details about certain searches by customers.
  • Popularize Digitally


SCENARIO WEDDINGS received 16 % more page views than before, in a span of 3 months. The company recorded a 30 % increase in site visits, as a result of the digital marketing efforts of ATEES. Pay Per Click advertisements refined search results better for Scenario Weddings

Strategies/Methods Adopted:

Technique 1

Implement ON Site Optimization Best Practices
URL Rewriting – SEO URL Rewriting is important for your website to be noticeable. All websites with low rankings embrace / enhances all gratitudes to SEO URL Rewriting. Though people consider the Url rewriting worthy, it may be quite a huge task to implement by SEO experts. Websites driven by Capital/ Cash survive in the market of today.

Best Practices for Page Management
Pagination(Navigating a page), limits 'Scenario Weddings' pages management by indexing appropriate search engine Spiders. Best Practices for teams to develop site crawling, and natural search presence are stated above.

Rethinking of Keywords for Title Tags
Keywords removal from internal page title tags covered in all 'Scenario Weddings' sites reinforced us to write unique and genuine content. Even presenting our portfolios via vital SEO texts, filtered content had to be prevented from Duplicacy ( ie. Duplicate Content).

Crafting Keyword Rich Headings
Crafting Keyword-rich headings for each page on 'Scenario Weddings' captured a major reach. The SEO value of h1 tags contributed to stronger and refined placements in all natural search results.

Technique 2
Updated headlines needed.

Use of Internal Links
Internal links has benefited by all team members by broadening SEO potential of Scenario Weddings. This increased individual blog posts and other brands to improve company's presence on the web.

Identifying Opportunities
Rising Opportunities on our Site – Scenario Weddings opened surprises for codes related to blog posts and stories. This concept of internal links indicated opened opportunities for sites' presence and flow across the online market.

Training Company's writers
Specially trained profesionals ensure value to profile suggestions to go beyond all barriers. Here, we track, identify and insert internal links into future blogs posts to bring numerous benefits.

Technique 3

Reduce Instances of Duplicate Content Filtering
Individually crafted meta descriptions. After a noted identification, we found Google incorrectly extracting site slogans as meta descriptions for each page thus rising in duplicate pages. The solution to this query was solved by crafting content rich meta descriptions that eliminated all duplicated erorrs in Content.

“ NO Follow” for Un -important Links
In relation to crafting custom m,eta descriptions we added ““ NO Follow for Un -important Links” to un important page links. This tells the search engines not to pass page ranks to account pages , comment pages, and other relevant items. Thus we could hold on to the flow of authority (ie. Through proper indexation) throughout the company's sites.

Technique 4

Boost Search Traffic through Image results
Web accessibility devices could now browse infoprmation when we added ALT Tags to each picture. This reflected in targeted SEO Keywords seemed to be beneficial for end users. This added feature helps us oimprove ON site SEOI, yet minimizing risk of over optimization penalities.

Additional Image Optimization
Inserting targeted keywords to each pic added maximum reach, likes and hits by users.This has increased potential of networks to search for keywords related pics across the globe.

Good Image Compression
Pictures comprised according to speific measures increases visibility. Therefore its recommended to select the added pics of exact resolutions and relevance. This feature not only increases customer but also reduces time in loading and navigations.

Technique 5
Updated headlines needed.

Enabling proper coding
Maximum content stored by readers reduces the amount of time needed to be loaded when launched. A must-do tip for all websites for increasing speed.

Enabling Proper Caching
Enabling proper content maximized for users must be loaded for on-site readers. A must-do procedure for all.

Eliminating Inefficiencies
All inefficiencies are removed by timely removal of Java Scripts and other coded elelments. Removal of networks code base minimizes numbers of external files downloaded before sites launch. This lead to faster and load times.

Cleaning of HTML/ CSS
Our team of Proffesionals of Scenario Weddings had cleaned all database tables for sustantial use of users and search engines.

Boost Social Media Traffic

Promoting website
Social Media management helped in a surplus of vistiors to get more customers online.

Great Brand Awarenesss
Educating others in sharing of brands help in receiving maximum traffic and social media stores.

Connecting with Existing Users
Building relationships with power users help reach audience faster and easy.

Shown here is the Keyword Report for 4th week of October 2016, showing

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