About Us

Who We Are ?

ATEES is a global software solution provider of cost effective software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, organizations and businesses of all size. Our branches are spread across United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India. We are a unique team of exceptionally skilled designers, programmers, and marketers who keep close tabs on the market to ensure you are getting the industry best solutions. ATEES, a forerunner in providing software solutions welcomes new and aspiring individuals to join us. Delivering projects on time are our speciality. Our main services include - ERP Consultancy, Website Development, Web Application, UI & Web Designing, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Development.

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Meet the Team

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A team of qualified professionals develops applications and websites for the clients. We focus on ideas for software development for better productivity. Ideas followed by development lead to better prospects.

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Highly skilled designers in all fields of designs namely graphic and web. Designs developed from out of the box thoughts are met by clientele worldwide. Delivering designs on time is our hallmark.

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Digital Marketing

We develop new ideas for marketing with new tips & tricks. We keep track of innovative ideas. Commitment & dedication leads our team towards success. Digital marketing prunes devices for future prospects.

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The team led by a dedicated and timely service serves the motto of our management. All management issues are resolved on time by our team and are supportive in all aspects of business.


Why Join ATEES?

ATEES, develops designs and marketing tips as well as techniques for handling customers using standards met by the W3C standards. Unmatchable expertise is delivered to all. Talent and commitment decides business proposals for all at ATEES. We also integrate professionalism with personality enhancement sessions for the employees.

We are a family bonded by trust and faith in each one of us. Punctuality and commitments are our top priority. We ideate designs for improving our sites performance and make it error. Our services are admired and visited by all for frequent hits and clicks.


Attitude paves the way for success in ATEES. Positive attitude decides steps for success of ATEES.
Talent, be it gifted or acquired brings success indefinitely for ATEES. Talent empowered by Attitude leaves all amazed at ATEES.
Efforts accompanied by Attitude and Talent unfolds treasures of success in and out of the box thought and accomplishments at ATEES.
Execute tasks at ATEES with Attitude, Talent and Effort leads to sucess at your doorsteps. Success kissed on our foot at ATEES leaves all puzzled.
Satisfying mood of mind, as a result of Attitude, Talent, Effort, Execute and Satisfaction brings everyone together in ATEES. We breathe and fly with unity.

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